Omona They Didn't!

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Journal Community
Name: Omona They Didn't!
Date(s): 2009-02-28 - present
Moderator: _ochre, ban_shark, finchburg, shanny_w, soribreak
Type: LJ community
Fandom: K-pop

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Omona is an ONTD spinoff livejournal community focused on South Korean celebrities, especially musicians. Omona was created because "ONTD didn't allow our posts through." [1]

At OmonaTheyDidn't we love commenting and reporting on interesting news and gossip about our favorite and not so favorite Korean stars. We know you do too. We feel it is our duty to uphold a certain standard to create a strong and productive community by bringing current and interesting Korean news to the hungry masses ( So yum yum ). [2]

The community is highly active. As of September 10, 2010, Omona had 12192 members, 17,076 journal entries, and 1,843,733 comments received. As of November 2012, it came third in livejournal's community rankings.[3]


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