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Name: Olympus
Owner/Maintainer: TN
Dates: 1998 or before - 2002/2003? (Wayback captures)
Type: f/f fanfiction
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: http://members.aol.com/tennstats/home.htm (Wayback)
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Olympus is a Xena: Warrior Princess alt fanfiction site.

I know you are tired from the long journey up the mountain so please, sit down in a comfortable chair, on pile of pillows or on your neighbor's lap. Do whatever will make you the most comfortable.

I'm TN and my job is to act as your guide so that your stay here will be memorable. There are a few ground rules that I must lay out. The reading material here, and there is a lot, is meant for those over the age of 21. It contains graphic descriptions of love scenes between two, or more, consenting adult women. If you aren't old enough or if this offends your sensibilities, may I respectfully suggest that you check out the Disney site.

The site was listed in the Fan Fiction on the Net directory in 1998.[1]

On the main page is a section with links to other Xena and Gabrielle related sites.


  • MCA's Official Home Page - The official home page for Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Tom's Xena Page - Ton's of links, pics and sounds. It defies explanation. You just have to see it.
  • DAx's Obsession Home Page - What else can I say? She's a good friend. Great reading, great photo galleries and fun links. The Museum of Subtext is awesome. Check it out, I promise she doesn't bite (unless asked very nicely). :)
  • Skya's home page - I've been cruising it for a couple of days now. Some pretty cool stuff.



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