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Old School Slash is a term used by fans to describe a previous generation of slash fanfic. The term sometimes crops up in discussions like Was Fanfic Any Different in the Olden Days?.

Some Tropes and Characteristics

The following tropes are associated with "old school slash," though some of these may also appear in more recent fanfics:

Examples of Fannish Use

...yes, I do like some of the old-skool slash, albeit as a guilty pleasure. This fic is a classic in the old-skool schmoop genre. Complete with cringeworthy, worrying metaphors and OOC exclamations, but... *damn*. I love this story. It's one of these where the characters knew each other pre-series, but were later mindwiped and forgot everything. This particular story starts on Gauda Prime, with Avon in his cell, and then proceeds in flashbacks until we arrive on GP again. The first flashback, to Avon first meeting Blake on a summer camp when they're both sixteen, is gorgeous and what makes me still love this story, despite its faults. GUH. B/A. Sixteen. Guilty pleasure, IMHO but enjoyable as a story, if you can overlook the typical old-skool bits. [1]
SGA is not much of a threshold fandom; for the most part, slash fans seem to have come to SGA from other existing slash fandoms. It has been called an "old school slash" fandom, possibly because of the lack of ironic distance in its approach to slash. It is also possible that the subject matter and types of stories being written were a part of the reason, rather than simply the 'tone' of the fandom. It might even have been something that happened due in part to Fannish Drift. [2]
The [fiction in Primal Instincts] are old-school classics in the fandom, and a must-read for any serious TS fan. (I did feel that the characterization of Blair in many of these stories often tended toward the fragile/delicate end of the spectrum; this makes a bit more sense if you bear in mind that most of these zines were published quite early on in the series. While my view of that character differs significantly, I thought the writing was generally strong enough that I could suspend disbelief for the duration of each story. Most of the time.) [3]
There something unique in these old-school fictions that leaves me wordless and in awe. How sex is described exquisitely and almost "delicately" like it was only a simple lovers kiss. Don't get me wrong, I like reading some porn but these old fictions are just unreachable. [4]


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