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Name: ohnips
Alias(es): Nips
Type: Artist
URL: https://twitter.com/ohnips


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ohnips is an artist who does fanart as well as an original comic called OFFcell.


In 2017, ohnips drew an image of the Dream Daddy main cast genderbent to be "Dream MILFs" which sparked discourse. Afterward, users of Tumblr and Twitter searched ohnips' social media posts and put forth claims that the artist was transphobic, fatphobic, racist, and a pedophilia apologist (this last one because she had commented in support of a fanart by Shadman depicting Dream Daddy characters as young girls, with the caption "Dream Daddy Issues: a loli dating simulator").[1][2]

Threats were sent to ohnips to the point she considered leaving social media.[3] A Forbes game journalist described the situation as "the dumbest controversy of the summer".[4]

trans and black people: ye maybe you shouldnt say the n word, wear braids and draw transphobic art?

ohnips: mm maybe fuck you?

y’all demons: stop harassing artists over what they draw!! dont send death threats!! uwu treat each other with respect uwu[5]
So, I’ve been debating whether to have my say on it but I’m going to be honest and I’ll focus on the whole “ohnips art was fatphobic” claims.

As a girl who is fat, I can 100% confirm the depiction was not fatphobic in anyway. She took a character who was large, and created a character who was large.

Now I know some people are getting upset about this whole “she thinks being bigger automatically means you have a bigger chest” and well, it does. Have you ever seen a larger woman? They have much larger breasts than smaller, slimmer women and the reason is because there’s more fat. It’s just a fact. You don’t expect to see a small chest on a bigger girl because it wouldn’t happen.

“She doesn’t know how a bra works.” Well I mean that could purely be because that’s her style? I’m certainly not as talented as ohnips when it comes to art, but I’ve tried many different styles and I have even dabbed into anime and other styles and drawn similar breasts. There are much worse pieces out there I promise. It’s all about style and not going to lie I was super in love with it when I saw it.

“She didn’t make her as large as the original.” Here’s what I always remind myself; it is so rare that we see such talented works include larger ladies. Honestly I don’t give a fuck, because artists don’t owe fat people anything, but it’s cool to see that some actually do include larger bodies in their work. When most artists draw, they get use to their own style. When you move from drawing much slimmer ladies to larger ladies it can be a bit tough. Ive drawn larger ladies and sometimes I get the proportions wrong and such, because I’m so use to my own style, and I feel like I’m doing an injustice.

I don’t think we should be tearing down an artist for this stupid “fatphobic” mentality when honestly most fat people couldn’t give a fuck.[6]
Wouldn’t have been more offensive to draw Damien as a male while all the other guys were drawn female for the gender bent artwork that ohnips did? Considering that he is a guy, its only right and fair that in a genderbent with the rest of the guys as a female. He’s treated as a man like the rest. Its not transphobic in my books. I actually think it was handled well in the art piece.[7]
#1. idk anything about dream daddy, so i dont even know which one is the trans one, so i cant really hate. and people saying that ohnips made him a cis woman, how do you know she's cis? she could be trans.

#2. as for the overweight controversy, yeah, it is a little bit of a weird representation of overweight women, but i think it was less of "ALL WOMEN NEED BIG BOOB HAHAHAHA!" and more of a mistake. i have a bit of a hard time drawing overweight women too, but i'm trying, and i bet ohnips is too.

#3. and the controversy about the rugged one showing too much skin, i watched part of a dream daddy playthrough, and i feel like ohnips' design for him was great! i mean, in the game, he's really quick to bring the player into his house and start having... intimate relations. so i feel like a female version would most likely show some more skin.

#4. and lastly, the muscular controversy. yeah, ohnips could've made the muscular characters' female counterparts a bit more muscular, A. just like #2, it could've just been that it's hard to draw muscular women, and sometimes muscular people in general. i know all my artist friends and i have trouble with that. B. it's basic fact that men have more muscle than women, and it's easier for them to be muscular. so yeah, they aren't going to be as muscular looking as the men.[8]