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Title: Number One
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): issues #1-#2 by Ann Zewen, issues #3-#6 edited by Joan Winston as "Wynn Jones"
Date(s): 1993-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Number One is a gen Star Trek: TNG digest-sized anthology fanzine published by Orion Press. It was first published in 1993 and ran for six issues until 1999.

From the publisher: it is a "fanzine devoted to William T. Riker. It can be zany, arcane, witty, romantic, dramatic, and plainly oddball. But readers can rest assured that it will never waver in its focus on the executive officer of the starship Enterprise and his fellows..."

Summaries below from the publisher.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, BEKi

Number One 1 was published in 1993, has 189 pages and contains nine stories by BEKi. Interior art is by BEKi.

  • The First Officer's Duty -- With Picard in the hands of the Cardassians and the Enterprise under Captain Jellico's command, exactly what was Will Riker doing getting himself relieved of duty? (4)
  • Ain't Life A Bitch? -- Ever wonder what Tom Riker's doing now? (12)
  • The Rest Of The Story: Frame Of Mind -- Yanking out a probe might not be such a good idea, especially if it's attached to your brain. (14)
  • Afterburn -- A lot of writers have explored the emotional aftermath of "The Host," from both Will's and Beverly's point of view. But BEKi takes a look at the physical price Riker might have paid for carrying around a Trill symbiont in his body. (15)
  • Ain't Life A Bitch? 2 -- Or perhaps ... (58)
  • Ward 47 -- How do you deal with the knowledge that, for a while at least, you weren't quite sane? (60)
  • The Obligatory Bald Joke -- No, it's not what you think. Read for yourself to find out. (72)
  • The Host: A Matter Of Perspective -- This one speaks for itself. (74)
  • Intermission -- Three sketches of Riker by BEKi. (75)
  • Ain't Life A Bitch? 3 -- Are you kidding? (79)
  • The Missing Link -- The Story from Hell. No really, it just felt like it as what started as a short story, like Topsy, just grew ... and grew ... and grew ... Seriously, this novella deals with the problems inherent in First Contact missions -- especially if the aliens mistake you for lab rats. (Both BEKi and Ann would like to point out that are dealing with an alien culture here and are in no way commenting on present-day Human medical research practices.) (81)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, BEKi

Number One 2 was published in 1994, 174 pages and contains stories by BEKi.

  • NUMBER ONE is the ORION PRESS fanzine devoted to William T. Riker. It can be zany, arcane, witty, romantic, dramatic, and plainly oddball. But readers can rest assured that it will never waver in its focus on the executive officer of the starship Enterprise and his fellows...
  • The Road Not Taken -- In the episode "Parallels," Worf encountered an alternate time line in which Riker is captain of the Enterprise and Picard died with the Borg. Ever wonder how that Riker was affected by the knowledge that, in a different reality, his counterpart had managed to save his captain?
  • The Sexiest Man Alive -- Vacation on Risa was never like this.
  • Trilogy: This is really three stories in one: vignettes first published in three issues of Eridani which address elements of the Riker-Baraash relationship left unresolved in the episode "Future Perfect."
  • * Someplace Like Home
  • * The Hollow Spot
  • * Full Circle
  • Perceptual Reality -- It's not over yet.
  • The Mark Of Cain -- Eight years alone is more than an eternity. In this alternate reality story, Tom Riker makes a pivotal decision that changes the complexion of "Second Chances."
  • My cha'Dich -- Klingon ritual can be hazardous to your health.
  • The Captain's Son -- As Revis Riker adjusts to his new life on the Enterprise in the long-awaited sequel to "The Legacy," father and son struggle to find common ground in a personal war that threatens the ship and everyone aboard.
  • The Last Goodbye -- And now to the real reason this zine was delayed. No? Well, we tried anyway. Call this one a special bonus as thanks for your patience with the delays.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Number One II is (surprise, surprise!) a Riker fanzine written and illustrated by BEKi, a major-league Frakes fanatic and one-woman wonder.

The ten stories she has produced here certainly live up to the Orion Press ad, providing humour, action and psychological drama. My favourites were:

The Road not Taken, which is a sequel to "Parallels' but is set in the universe where Riker defeated the Borg by annihilating Loaitus. This story explores Will's feelings after seeing Picard alive and well in another timestream.

The Mark of Cain is an alternate reality story where. At the end of 'Second Chances' Tom sees an opportunity to get back at Will. I found this one interesting not only because Will's life hangs in the balance but because we see him struggling to make sense or his "brother's" actions and finally coming to realise that he might have acted ihe same way. But will he forgive, that is the question?

The Captain's Son is an extremely well written action story set in the future where Riker is captain of the Enterprise, married to Troi and struggling to get to know his bastard son, Reevus. the half-human misfit he reluctantlv rescued from Malkore III.

The Last Goodbye is a bit of a weepie and certainly brought a lump to my throat. Tom Riker is in a Cardassian prison but he is allowed to speak with Troi as a last request. "I love you, I always have and I alwavs will. Tell Jean-Luc goodbye for me and tell Wes ..." Hang on a minute! Jean-Luc? Wes?! Who is this guy? We've seen a lot of Shakespeare on Star Trek but here BEKi gives us a taste of Dickens.

I'm not a Riker groupie but I think any TNG fan would enjoy this zine. BEKi certainly has a handle on Riker's character and I loved her exploration of his relationships with the crew and with Troi and Picard In particular. I give this one 8 out of 10). [1]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Janet D'Airo

Number One 3 was published in January 1996 and contains 189 pages.

  • A Bird In The Hand -- by Madelena Mumford. Will Riker returns to the Enterprise after months as a prisoner on Corvas Seven. What could they have done there to make him avoid any use of the transporter? Why does Ensign Ro attempt to apologize to Riker for what happened there? More importantly, why do they both volunteer to go with Picard back to Corvas Seven? Who is the demon that awaits them--especially her "flown bird." There are two women who want him--who will get the chance to clip his wings? (3)
  • That Smile -- by Joan Winston. Short, sweet, and to the point. (42)
  • Promises To Keep -- by Andra Marie Mueller. Will Riker discovers what unhappiness is after Worf asks his permission to court Deanna. Guinan advises him to tell her how he feels. He does and suddenly the problem becomes Deanna's. And Worf's. What will be her decision? (47)
  • What Went Wrong ... ? -- by Joan Winston. You'll have to read it to see for yourself. (60)
  • Through the Valley of Death -- by Joan Winston. The Cardassians have returned Picard to the Enterprise. But he is ill, physically and emotionally, and Starfleet feels he must take the time to be cured--if possible. Jellico has been given the Enterprise permanently, and the crew is attempting to deal with his kind of captaincy. Many, including Will Riker, will not serve under such a captain. This is the story of what happens to our people when the unimaginable actually occurs. And what one officer does to change "what is" to "what should be"--even if it means the end of his career--and his life. (64)
  • And the Chances After That -- by N.B. Thayer. What if, when Tom and Will went back to Nervala Four, they were both trapped on the planet? Who, if anyone, would come to rescue them eight years later? And could they live with all the changes that had happened while they were away? Could you? (101)
  • Memories -- by Joan Winston. Not all are good, not all are bad... (123)
  • Circle of Three -- by Gail Christison. Deanna Troi and Will Riker, badly injured and in need of help, are being held hostage on a politically confused world. The Federation has forbidden Picard to get involved because of the Prime Directive. But that does not stop Tom and Kyle Riker from attempting to ride to the rescue--with the help of a certain Klingon. Will they be in time? Things are going dark for Will, in more ways than one ... (126)
  • Worf and Troi, article by Joan Winston (188)
  • To the Readers, editorial (189)
  • Artwork by D'Airo, Perron, and Rhodes.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Janet D'Airo

Number One 4 was published in January 1997 and contains 194 pages. Stories by Andra Mueller, Joan Winston, Gail Christison, and Beki; cover and most of the interior illos by Janet D'Airo; additional art by Beki and Perron.

  • Surprise! -- by Joan Winston. In an alternate universe, Will Riker receives unexpected news from Troi...
  • Say Goodbye -- by Gail Christison. This story takes place after "The Host." The being now host to Odan is gone, but Beverly is emotionally battered. The only things saving her sanity are the traces of Odan she still feels in one Will Riker. This feeling is endangering both her friendship with Will and their mission to Thalandra. Then there's--heck, just read it.
  • Choices of the Heart -- by Andra Marie Mueller. Starfleet, its lack of competent command personnel reaching the danger point, has insisted that Riker take command of a new Nova class starship called the Destiny. But before he takes off on that ten-year mission, he must talk with Picard. And what about Troi?
  • Elbow Room -- by BEKi. A sequel to "The Last Goodbye" in issue #2. Tom Riker is on the Enterprise, living the life of Will Riker. There are several problems. Geordi and Worf know he's not Will, because he's not a very good #1. Troi is unhappy, because although she and Tom are lovers, she now realizes that she is in love with the man on Lazon II. When Tom decides to rescue Will, he calls upon a certain tattooed Maquis officer and his crew. Between them all, this becomes quite a spicey stew. Troi? Why she's the chocolate dessert.
  • Captain Daddy -- by Joan Winston. An amusing glimpse in the lives of the captain and his wife in an alternate universe, namely the one from "Surprise!"

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Janet D'Airo

Number One 5 was published in October 1997 and contains 172 pages.

  • Time To Be Free -- by Denise Tanaka. Ro lands in a Cardassian labor camp and guess who she meets there? Well, she thought it was Will - but it twern't. But she and Tom find they have more in common than expected. Now if they can only escape in one piece...
  • The Letter -- by Andra Marie Mueller. This a shortie that gives us an insight into Will's mother and her marriage to Kyle Riker.
  • Foreign Bodies -- by Gill Marsden. This is a strong "R" rating, so if you don't enjoy your 'hurt/comfort' mixed with a large dose of violence, pass this by. However, if you like superb writing and a wicked way with our Will. .. oh boy, will you like this one, Picture those evil entities, the Ux Malians, who inhabited Troi, Data and O'Brien from that prison planet. Picture the Enterprise if Beverly Crusher's plan to get rid of them didn't work. Picture our Will held prisoner by Troi -- except it's not Troi, but an alien in her body. An alien who doesn't care for our Will. Picture it -- if you can. Note: Violence.
  • Because I'm The Captain, That's Why -- by Janet D' Airo. Our fabulous illustrator has blessed us with one of her famous illustrated (and rhymed!) tales. Janet said, "But Joan, it's really about Picard, not Riker." I said, "I don't give a rat's rear -- I WANT IT!" And I got it, you betcha!
  • Where There's A Will -- by Diane Bellomo. Really a fragment from Star Trek: First Contact that takes us from Troi's hilarious drunk scene to Will's talk with Cochrane.
  • Kinfolk -- by Joan Winston. Okay, this is one I've been promising everyone. Riker and the Klingons. Those for and agin' him - and the Federation. There's a lot of violence and good ol' hurt-comfort in this one too. And poor Will is without hardly anything but a sheet to keep him from the cold and the eyes of. .. oh, read it already. Most of you have heard bits and pieces at Shoreleave, so you have an idea of Will's woes. But only some of them ... Note: Violence.
  • Artwork by D'Airo, and cartoons by Lash.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Janet D'Airo

Number One 6 was published in July 1999 and contains 147 pages.

  • Two's Company, Three's a Crowd -- by Irene Deitel. Of course, there had to be a Will/Troi/Tom story, and this am it. Short and ...
  • Threads -- by Gill Marsden & Joan Winston. Gill sent me an interesting fragment that she felt was not quite there. I added a few ideas and lines -- lo and behold -- became a coauthor. And she didn't yell once. And neither did I.
  • Always and Forever -- by Irene Deitel. Will and Troi finally get to Pacifica on that long-awaited romantic vacation. But Deanna knows something is not quite right in paradise. What, she doesn't know for sure since Will is blocking her very successfully. And then, a week later, Picard and Crusher join them at a dinner none of them will ever forget. And the promises they made.
  • Quietus -- by Gill Marsden. Will goes through hell in this novella. It is hurt-comfort of a tremendously painful sort. The entire ship is hurting, and the Klingon guilt is so heavy, it's warping the decks. Read it.
  • The Galactic Edge -- by Joan Winston. This would have been the rough draft of the first chapter of the book I thought I would do for PocketBooks. A bit of a fragment, but the germ of an idea is there. The story below was to be one of the early chapters. Comments, please.
  • Will and Worf at Play -- by Joan Winston. Will is in the fifth Olympics of the 24th Century. Actually, three different teams: Triathlon, Super G, and the Downhill. The Enterprise has turned two of the holodecks into training centers--ski nuts and skating rinks included. And Worf finds out about that cold wet stuff. First hand.
  • Artwork by D'Airo.

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