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Title: Nudnicks
Editor(s): Sam Cole
Type: club newsletter
Date(s): 1971? 1972?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Mission: Impossible and other Leonard Nimoy-focused fandoms
Language: English
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Nudnicks is a Star Trek: TOS newsletter for a sort of roleplaying club. There were at least three issues.

The members were all female and each member's name was a mash-up of her legal name.

The newsletter printed member addresses, the rules, and each member's "report," which consisted of self-insertion descriptions of members' fantasy adventures meeting the stars and characters in Star Trek. The game was probably played in a round robin-style, and this newsletter collected all the responses for print, not unlike an apa.

"We are open to suggestions as to future assignments. Poetry contributions will be accepted! This is however, an exclusive mini-club. Merely unheard of in every sense of the word. Our goal is to have the biggest belly-laugh possible. Leonard Nimoy sets a copy of every Nudnick issue we put out. We are Klean but not Squeeky-Klean."

front page of issue #3
back page of issue #3

What is a Nudnick?

Devastiating [sic] Dishes
Nimoyite (Also Paris-ite****OUCH!)
Sexy (an Absolute MUST!)


1.Tell no one about us, we are a secret bunch of broads. [1]
2. You come in by invitation ONLY, but once you hear from us ya gotta be active or resign. If ya resign, keep your lips buttoned. See above provided by your no. 1.
3. All reports gotta be nutty but klean. I mean if yore gonna seduce a guy we don't need to hear about it cuz we know how it's done.
4. No in-fighting, you can't claim another plan or whatever. Don't infringe on another plot unless your orders so indicate. Ya can't sabatoge another operation when ya meet. We are an organised bunch of agents Kirk and the Federation will wish they never met.
5: . I (MAS) appoint your position, and issue orders. All Komplayntz are to go to KINIR along with requests for a different position. KINIR's word goes.
6. Address all mail to me at headquarters, for the Nudnicks. Either I or NERAK mil distribute it, or answer it as the case may be. If you want a permanent partner, it's OK with me. Just let me know and I'll adjust orders accordingly.
7. ONLY members can see our issues!.
8. Any infringement of the rules will bring instant retaliation. Our Groom will turn the Horses and Vampire and Werewolf loose on ya.
9. Keep reports under 2 pages, typed.


  1. ^ Sort of. "Leonard Nimoy gets a copy of every Nudnick issue we put out."