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This article is about the literary science fiction awards. You may be looking for the awards given out at the 1974 British Star Trek convention, see Nova Award (The British Star Trek Convention).

Name: Nova Award
Date(s): 1973-2015?
Frequency: annual
Associated Community: Novacon
Fandom: Science Fiction Fandom
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The Nova Award is an annual fanzine award presented at Novacon since 1973. See the Wikipedia entry. According to Dave Langford,

Up to 1976, winners were determined by an `expert' committee and the award was decried as fallible and elitist. Since then, voting has been open to any convention member who claims to have seen a few fanzines, and the awards are therefore scorned as fallible (what do these voters know?) and elitist (how dare this self-appointed minority set itself above others by bothering to vote?).[1]
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