Nova Award (The British Star Trek Convention)

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Name: Nova Award
Date(s): 1974
Associated Community:
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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The Nova Awards were given at the first British Star Trek convention and were for fiction, poetry, costumes, etc.

One winner was Helen McCarthy, who in a con report, says receiving it was one of the high points of the convention for her.[1]

Con awards were given at all the British Star Trek conventions, but in other years the awards may not have been named. The name for the 1974 awards was suggested by Helen McCarthy.[2] A year before, Novacon, a British science fiction convention, established their Nova Awards, which have subsequently become very well known, but it is unclear if Star Trek fans, even Star Trek fans in the same country, could have known that another con had already used the name, especially since the name was selected well in advance of the con.


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