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Name: Noein: To Your Other Self
Creator: Kazuki Akane
Date(s): 2005-2006
Medium: Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Noein: To Your Other Self (ノエイン もうひとりの君へ) is a sci-fi anime in which a group of children deal with growing up and learn harsh truths about their future selves. A strange man accosts Haruka and her friend Yuu in a cemetery, and when asked who he is, he says, pointing at Yuu, "I am you." The man, Karasu, quickly becomes instrumental in protecting Haruka from his fellow Dragon Knights, who believe she has a special power to reshape reality. Yuu, who has a crush on Haruka, starts to resent his future self, and Karasu has nothing but scorn for Yuu, hinting that he knows his younger self won't be able to keep Haruka safe.


Japanese fanart and fanfics for Noein were mostly posted on individual fan pages, many of which are no longer available. The age gap ship of Karasu/Haruka was popular due to Karasu's protectiveness in canon. Shipping the reformed villains Atori and Tobi was also popular, as was platonic fanart of Atori, Tobi and Miho. The Atori+Tobi+Miho trio was mostly fanon building off of Atori's separate interactions with Tobi and with Miho.

Since there are multiple instances in canon of characters meeting a differently-aged version of their love interest, it can be difficult to tell whether fanworks are depicting a romantic age gap ship or a tragic reflection on a ship between characters on the same age. For example, Karasu/Kaminogi Haruka is the most popular ship tag on AO3, but this can encompass both works shipping Karasu with the 10 year old Haruka and works that involve his feelings for the Haruka from his own timeline. The tag can also be presumed to include Yuu/Haruka even if Yuu doesn't appear in the work at all. Many fanworks blur the line in the same way as the anime itself.


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