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Name: no pseud attached
Alias(es): nopseud
Fandoms: popslash
URL: her lj, her popslash archive
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no pseud attached is a prolific and acclaimed British popslash writer. She showed up in popslash fandom as it was hitting its peak (~2003), and almost immediately started turning out long, sometimes unusual, but highly recommended stories. It's possible that she's best known for The Pornutopia, a long story of Lance's sexual awakening.

Misc. She prefers to use lowercase letters in her name. As of late 2008, she's was writing in popslash, even as the fandom has shrunk in size.

notable stories

  • and you'll notice my smile (is like kool aid) (using nsync song lyrics in titles)
  • things to do in Orlando when you're dead (zombies, co-written with torch
  • and every dog his day (body swap with an animal story with, ahem, actual bestiality)
  • livin' doll (another one with a squick factor)