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Title: I Know it When I See it: The Pornutopia
Author(s): Nopseud/no pseud attached
Date(s): 2004?[1]
Length: 184,000 words
Genre: slash, rpf, rps, fanfiction
Fandom: 'N Sync
External Links: on Nopseud's website

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i know it when i see it - the pornutopia, often referred to among fans as simply "The Pornutopia", is an epic-length popslash story by Nopseud. It's a non-AU, focusing on the sexual coming of age of Nsync member Lance Bass as he navigates his relationships with his fellow bandmates and his own preferences. Multiple pairings.

It was first published in snippets on nopseud's livejournal; the completed story was later posted on nopseud's website.


  • "No pseud attached recounts each and every event in gleeful detail, sprinkling sizzling sex and delightful character interactions throughout the text. It's an extremely lengthy work and one that should be rationed out, especially on those days when reality rears its ugly head."[1]
  • "I heart this story like strawberries heart chocolate." [2]


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