No Time for Landings

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Title: No Time for Landings
Editor(s): Susan M. Garrett
Date(s): May 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Language: English
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cover by Ann Larimer

No Time for Landings is a gen digest-sized Secret Adventures of Jules Verne 116-page anthology. The cover art is by Ann Larimer.

  • Dramatis Personae by Odensdisir (10 pages)
  • Esprit de Corps by Adela Torres (5 pages)
  • His Last Duchess by Odensdisir (11 pages)
  • An Evening Out by Kevin Schultz (8 pages)
  • Edges by Adela Torres (6 pages)
  • Protecting Bertie by Victoria Wright (11 pages)
  • The Island of Monte Cristo by Odensdisir (54 pages)
  • Companion Piece by Vicci Varner (1 page)
  • Turbulence by Adela Torres (6 pages)