Niseke Base

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Title: Niseke Base
Creator: Nisetane
Date(s): 2008 - present
Medium: Papercraft
Fandom: Fancraft
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The Niseke Base is a style of papercraft originally credited to Niseke after the release of a Hatsune Miku model on May 22, 2008.[1] The name comes from the website the papercraft was released to,, which was ran by Nisetane. The papercraft itself has a rounded head and small body that requires glue to complete. It was released as .pdo, the native extension of Pepakura, a papercraft building program. This meant that the Miku design could be easily removed from the Pepakura file, leaving a blank base and is likely how the template came to be. Niseke's Miku model was shared within English based papercraft communities within a week of its initial release.[2]

The Niseke base became hugely influential within anime papercraft fandoms on Deviantart starting around 2009 when artists began sharing the template, as well as when instructions on how to build the Niseke style of papercraft were posted by desubunny. The template is sometimes misattributed to desubunny or simply referred to as "Chibi Papercrafts." The original Niseke website has since went offline but the template remains, with Raindroplet724's 2011 "Papercraft Template" and Verloria's 2015 "Niseke Base Papercraft Template" iterations being the most accessible.

In 2011 Nisetane released a new iteration of a chibi Miku model.[3] This style became more popular on Pixiv with Japanese papercraft communities, with some using the base to design new characters with, however the original "Niseke Base" remained dominant on Deviantart.


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