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Name: Nightdog
Alias(es): nightdog_barks, nightdog_writes
Type: author
Fandoms: House, M.D.
URL: Nightdog AO3
nightdog-barks Dreamwidth
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Nightdog was a fanfiction writer primarily in the House M.D. fandom, first on Livejournal and later on Dreamwidth and AO3.

In 2007, Nightdog joined with Blackmare, perspi, and Dee_Laundry to form the Black Cigarette Collective, a collaboration of writers in the House fandom. The Collective posted Aftershocks, a sequel to Nightdog's story Bad Company, nearly every weekday between August 7 and November 27, 2007. Find it on AO3 here.

The Collective also wrote in the Distress Call 'verse, in which House is a vampire and Wilson is his source.

Remembering Nightdog

Nightdog's last contribution to the endings community:

Who knows? What does it mean -- to be dead? Maybe we have a hundred senses and it's only the five we know that die, and we come to know the other ninety-five.
Hannahrorlove remembers Nightdog here:
She was a good friend, a joyful woman who loved dogs and sunsets, someone newer to fandom than I was and older to life when we met, who never stopped pursuing new ideas and good endings.
Silverjackal remembers Nightdog:
She was a remarkable person -- kind, thoughtful, deeply insightful, and a talented writer (primarily in the House fandom). She loved books, and poetry, and dogs, and the natural world -- particularly birds.

Thinking back Nightdog and I met on the original GAFF (GodAwful Fanfiction) forum in 2003. (Several of us moved to LJ when GAFF started having problems, and the Site Guru shut it down shortly after.) It's hard to believe we've been friends for seventeen years. Harder still to believe that that friendship will not endure another seventeen years.
aries_ascendant remembers Nightdog:
I will miss Nightdog terribly. She was a steady, grounding, and incredibly kind presence in my life when I felt like I was drowning. She had so much love and kindness for small things. I loved how she talked about her tomatoes and the adventures of all her silly black dogs. When Bear died, she donated to the shelter I rescued him from because she wanted to support me. She was always supportive of me.

I had a memory resurface this morning. Do you remember when she declared herself the Den Mother of the young teen girls on GAFF? They were really upset with how Hermione from Harry Potter was always transformed into a sexually adventurous "cool-girl" bully in fanfiction. They missed Hermione being the hardworking bookworm that they identified with, so they made a little online club....and Nightdog declared herself their den mother, telling them that how they were and how they chose to live was perfectly fine.
taiga13 remembers Nightdog here:
You wrote beautiful stories, read and reviewed so many books, shared interesting stories of archaeological finds and current events, loved your dog. I still have the jar of jalapeno pepper jelly you gave me. We never met in person but you were part of my life for well over ten years. I'll miss you terribly, dear friend, and will think of you when Trump is eventually removed from office.
Topaz_Eyes remembers Nightdog here:
I first met Nightdog back in 2006, when we were both in House MD fandom. I knew her first as a writer. And she was an incredible story writer; her fics rang with wit, and insight, and a deep, heartfelt compassion. She was just as generous with her knowledge and time as a beta reader, too.

Over time, I got to know Nightdog a little, beyond sharing the same fandom. To me, her posts on LJ and Dreamwidth always embodied kindness, and warmth, and a hard-won wisdom about life. I think though, above all, she demonstrated how to find joy in the day-to-day: through her amazing book reviews, her wonderful dogs Chango and Layla, her descriptions of her garden, or the antics of the avian visitors to her backyard. I never met Nightdog in person, but I am so very glad and grateful that I had the chance to make her acquaintance online. The world just got that little bit smaller last night, and I will miss her.

Thank you, Nightdog, for everything.