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Name: Newton Geiszler
Occupation: Scientist
Title/Rank: K-Science Officer with PPDC
Researcher at the Shao Corporation
Location: Shatterdome
Status: Alive
Fandom: Pacific Rim
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Newton Geiszler is a main character in the 2013 film Pacific Rim and its sequel Pacific Rim Uprising.


Newton Geiszler is a scientist working with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. His admiration for the Kaiju, giant sea monsters from another dimension, alienates some of his colleagues. Newton believes that by drifting with a Kaiju brain he can learn how best to defeat them. When he and his colleague Herman Gottlieb drift with a Kaiju brain they discover how to close the breach and end the war.

In Pacific Rim Uprising Newton is now working for the Shao Corporation, developing Jaegar drones that don't require drift compatible pilots. His experience of drifting with a Kaiju has opened him to the influence of the Pre-Cursors, who originally sent the Kaiju to Earth.



  • Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb is the dominant pairing in this fandom and the most common pairing for Newt.
  • Hannibal Chau/Newton Geiszler is a rarer pairing.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Newt's manic behaviour is sometimes attributed to an over reliance on coffee and energy drinks. Others attributed his behaviour to autism or bipolar disorder. In the extended canon, it was revealed that Newton is actually neuroatypical. As a result, works have been tagged Neurodivergent Newton Geiszler, Newton Geiszler has ADHD and Autistic Newton Geiszler
  • Post Uprising works often focus on Newt's trauma and guilt, as he comes to terms with his actions and recovers from the pre-cursors mind control.

Example Fanworks

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  • All of Your Flaws and All of My Flaws by CinnamonCake, Hermann is still there tomorrow and the day after and Newton tries to not break his face with the door again.
  • How to Train Your Kaiju by psikeval, “You don’t wanna hurt me,” he repeats, and steps forward, holding out his hand.
  • Self-Destruct by pinkmoon, A character study of Newt's lifetime of risky behavior and predilection for taking risks of the "rock star" sort. (Spanning many years, continents, arguments, and accidents, but landing, unexpectedly, in a happy ending.)
  • Anthology by irisbleufic, The first thing [Newton] does when he gets to his office, smarting from the needle and high on endorphins, is email the eccentric mathematician in Cambridge, the other Cambridge a non-creature-infested ocean away, with whom he’d been corresponding for a while and whom his colleagues have begun to call Newt’s Internet Boyfriend.



Post Uprising


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