News from the Crypt Interview with Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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Interviews by Fans
Title: News from the Crypt Interview with Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Interviewee: Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Date(s): 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Sime~Gen
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Jacqueline Lichtenberg was interviewed for "Margaret L. Carter's News from the Crypt." The interview was repritned in A Companion in Zeor #23.

Some Excerpts

In the 1980's, Star Trek fanzines finally made it clear to me how to articulate what was missing that I added to my published novels -- I call it Intimate Adventure, The Hidden Genre -- but it's more than that. It's not actually a Genre. Jean Lorrah's professor credentials allowed her to finally (after years of wrestling with it because she could see it, too) discovered the real nature of Intimate Adventure. It is in fact a plot archetype. We need to write a book about that.

I used to think I wrote science fiction and fantasy -- cross genre.

But actually, no -- what I have been doing just doesn't fit, exactly, into any existing category. Today they've invented new sub-genres of Romance, and I actually fit more into SF or Paranormal Romance than any other. Some people think I pioneered that field.

If I were 9 years old today, the writer I'd turn into at age 16 would be Paranormal Romance genre writer. But that's not exactly correct either.

What I write is Intimate Adventure -- but as Jean has discovered, that's not a genre.

Right now, I've just finished a feature film screenplay script which is almost ready to start the marketing process (contemporary America setting) -- and I've just started with Jean Lorrah a Sime~Gen feature film script.

There is one really fine S~G feature film script in existence, but it hasn't sold, so Jean came up with a much simpler venue we could write in and created a Situation and some basic characters, dumbing down the S~G premise so it might grab a producer better. The minute she explained the idea to me, I could "see" the whole film and I just took off.

This story will fill a niche in S~G history for the aficionado, but leave out all that for the film-goer. You'll have to discover what is really happening by going to the website. It tells the story of the founding of one of the first Freeband Raider gangs that actually was coherent enough to last generations -- and grow -- and prosper -- and eventually become the Raider gang that settles down and founds Nivet Territory. It also explains the connection between Zeor, Farrises, Nivet and the School of Rathor. And none of that is apparent in the actual film so mundane audiences won't be confused. I love this story -- now all I have to do is write it in script format. No small task.