Neural Neutralizer (Star Trek fiction and non-fiction zine)

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Title: Neural Neutralizer
Editor(s): Ron Chang
Type: fanfic
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Neural Neutralizer is a gen Star Trek clubzine. It was published in 1977 and contains 68 pages. It contains both fiction/non-fiction.

Artwork by Laurraine Tutihasi, Amy Falkowitz, Leslie Fish, Ron Chang, and Danae Emerson.



Reactions and Reviews

[One Brief Shining Moment]: Told from Kyle’s pov. Investigating a distress call, the landing party encounter odd groups of humanoids leading the lives of Australian aboriginals, woad-wearing Britons, and the Round Table. Trelane is at his experiments again. [1]
[zine]: This is a nice little zine, nothing fantastic, but nice. The best thing in the whole ish is a delightful story by Johanna Cantor, 'One Brief Shining Moment.' Told from Lt. Kyle's point of view, it concerns a mysterious emergency beacon which draws the Enterprise crew to a planet inhabited by vastly differing groups of people -- including a place called Camelot ruled by a king named Arthur. And there's a Merlin, too. The other long story is 'The Dandieran Encounter by L.B. Lindsay which, although interesting, falls short of the mark. The view of the alien culture is so vague and there is no real sense of strangeness and the aliens appear flat and stereotypical. A little more work on background work background and setting would improve the story greatly. Articles include 'Trekking and Pacing: A Background for Space: 1999' by Patti Cullen, which takes a look at some of the older shows (Stingray, Fireball XL-5, etc.) as well as Space and ST. Danae Emerson's 'Galactic Gardening' is a well done look at some alien plants. Humor is provided by Patti Cullen and Lisa Wahl. If you're looking for controversy, forget this one. On the other hand, if you're looking for a couple of hours of easy reading, buy it. ' [2]
[zine]: One fan wrote: "Unnumbered pages precariously held together for a while, with one weak staple in upper left hand corner. Cardboard cover on front only. Stories, verses, articles are mainly about ST. There is one Space:1999 background essay. Frail, poorly and amateurishly done, just hanging together, not bound. Looks like a small club zine, maybe. Certainly not to be sold for a basic $2.75." Another fan wrote: "I dunno. I wouldn't have been so hard on this zine. I'd have given in a 4 [out of 10], over-all. There is a nice Joanna Cantor story sorta centering on Kyle... [3]


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