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Journal Community
Name: ncisficrecs
Date(s): 06 March 2007 (founding date)
Moderator: webbgirl
Founder: webbgirl
Type: recs
Fandom: NCIS
URL: ncisficrecs (LiveJournal); archive link

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ncisficrecs is a NCIS fanfiction recommendation community.
Have a yen for a good Gibbs/DiNozzo but you're not sure where to start? Wonder if there is an awesome Kate fic out there that you just haven't found yet? This community is here to help you. Let others in the fandom do the legwork and you can reap the rewards. (Of course, we need the actual legwork folks too. *g*)
The purpose of this community is for folks to recommend NCIS stories of all varieties. Slash/Het/Gen, whatever flavor.
The format for the community is shamelessly based on the claiming format that was set up waaaaaaaaay back when for stargateficrec. It is not intended to be a clone of that comm. They are far more organized and industrious. The inspiration for this comm though was a conversation on my flist with a couple of folks regarding the lack of recs for specific pairings.
The community was active between March and June 2007.