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The National Australian Fan Fund is a fan fund that aims to assist Australian fans to travel to and attend the Australian National Science Fiction Convention.

Year Winner(s)
2001 Lucy Zinkiewicz
2002 Emma Hawkes
2003 Alison Barton
2004 Jon Swabey
2005 Zara Baxter
2007 Ju Landéesse (running as Juanita Whitehead)
2008 Edwina Harvey
2009 Anna Hepworth
2010 Gina Goddard
2011 Rachel Holkner
2012 John and Sarah Parker
2013 Emma Kate
2014 Matthew Lindus
2015 Tehani Wessely
2016 Liz Barr
2017 Fe Waters
2019 Stephen Dedman

For more information see the NAFF page of the Australian Fan Funds website and the NAFF website.