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Name: nanuk_dain
Alias(es): Nanuk Dain
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: multifandom, Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, MCU, Pacific Rim, The Mummy, LotR, others
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at Livejournal (main)
at Livejournal (fanworks)
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Nanuk Dain is a well-known author and multifandom fanartist, and a creator of several works from varied parings. Maintaining an exclusive Livejournal community for masterlists of his fanfics, fanarts and visual prompts, Nanuk's content ranges from Disney classics to the action horror genre of movies like The Mummy.



Single Works

  • Primal Instinct » Eddie is not a jealous guy. Never has been. But this is different. Or: Eddie stakes his claim..
  • Claim » Vince in not the only one who's possessive.


  1. A Never-ending Dance » While chasing after Imhotep and Alex, Jonathan finds his attention drawn to a certain Med-jai warrior far more often than it should be...
  2. Marks » Alex satisfies his curiosity.