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Pairing: Ardeth Bay/Jonathan Carnahan
Alternative name(s): Jonathan/Ardeth, Jonathan Carnahan/Ardeth Bay
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: The Mummy
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: extremely rare (?)
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Ardeth/Jonathan is a slash pairing fanon of the medjay Ardeth Bay and the bon-vivant english Jonathan Carnahan in The Mummy series.



Examples Fanwork


  • Finding Jonathan by Serafina, Ardeth Bey offers to help Jonathan find himself again.(for the mailing list The Mummy Plus Slash And Chat)
  • the light by which my spirit's born by starr_falling, After being attacked by a werewolf, Ardeth goes to the O'Connells looking for a safe place to spend his first full moon. Jonathan is the only one in residence and agrees to guard Ardeth to ensure he doesn't escape and hurt anyone when he transforms. The enforced closeness brings them together and they begin a relationship even though they're uncertain what will happen after the full moon, when Ardeth must return home.
  • Hero by Elektra Pendragon (elekdragon), Ardeth must rescue a teddybear from Rick.
  • Marks by nanuk_dain, While chasing after Imhotep and Alex, Jonathan finds his attention drawn to a certain Med-jai warrior far more often than it should be...
  • Matters Of The Heart by j_gabrielle, Before any of them could speak, their guest rushed forwards in a streak of dark and spice. Ardeth gathered his husband into his arms, holding him tight and close.

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