Mystic Prince

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Name: Mystic Prince
Abbreviation(s): The Prince of Myolyeong
Creator: aheuredal (아흐레달)
Date(s): 2021 – present
Medium: Manhwa
Country of Origin: Korea
External Links: Official English Release on Webtoon
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Original title: 묘령의 황자

Alternative titles: The Prince of Myolyeong; องค์ชายผู้เลอโฉม; 妙龄皇子; Le Prince Mystique; Miao Ling Huang Zi; Myolyeongui Hwangja

Mystic Prince is a manhwa about a group of people with superpowers who study martial arts in order to become the emporer of their realm.The manhwa takes place in a historical fantasy setting based on ancient Korean culture. It's an action drama with several love subplots.

Canon Overview

The main character of the manhwa is Jeok-yeon, an AFAB [1] who has superpowers which could let them to became a "prince" the one of chosen ones for competition to become next emperor - an immortal god who supports barrier which protects humans from demons. Jeok-yeon was forced to pretend to be a man to survive because only men could be princes in the setting based on ancient Korean culture. They successfully finished the training and then competes against nineteen other princes for the throne. Jeok-yeon's super ability is unusual, very strong though, they also are surrounded by enemies and people who are in love with them and the royal court has its own intrigues and other princes have their own secrets.

Major Characters

Princes and their attendants

Other characters


There are characters with canon one-sided (at least up to 58 chapter) attraction to the main character so there is a lot of canon shipping material for several ships.

List of Ships


There are Korean, Russian and English speaking fandoms, all of them relatively small.




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