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Title: Mykonos
Author(s): flypaw (aka ImperialMint)
Date(s): 15 August 2011
Length: ~140,000 words
Genre: slash, apocafic
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Mykonos (AO3)
Mykonos (LiveJournal)
Mykonos: Art
Stopping the Sea by theywerecones. Illustration of a scene from the beginning of the story when Merlin discovers his magic.

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Mykonos is an epic Merlin/Arthur apocafic AU by flypaw.

Summary: Future AU. After a seeing-stone washes up on the shores of Ealdor, the last Island left after the great floods and rising Ocean, Merlin sees their salvation - a Sky City named Camelot. When he wakes up on the shores of the Sky City, Merlin starts to realise the New World is nothing as it was fabled. It is then that Merlin begins his journey to meet the 'dragon' that called him there, realising that nothing in Camelot is what it seems. Together they begin a revolution against a blind king and the foundations the New World was built on, uncovering even deeper secrets that were thought to be buried with the Old World when the land sunk.

The illustrations for this story are by theywerecones.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Absolutely epic world-building. I felt like I could almost touch and feel Merlin's island world, walk around and see the refugees at the base of the Sky City of Camelot, and even though Camelot itself sounded a lot like a typical first world big city, you've constructed it in a way that automatically makes me think of a Future-scapes inside a Pixar movie or a particularly fantastic episode of Doctor Who. You truly have a magical way with words. [...] Your Merlin is the stuff of legends even though he is clearly down to earth- his feats of magic and the way his destiny unravels itself like a fairytale makes me wish I could see this story made into a movie or TV series."[1]
"So, I know this is super super long, but oh it was so amazing. [...] I spent all day reading this wonderful fic and god it was so worth it! Just, the whole story behind the Floods and the Sky Cities AND THE MAGIC! So so brilliant! And of course, Merlin and Arthur, loved them SO much! So yeah, go read! NOW! :)"[2]
  • "I really love this AU. It’s a futuristic dystopia with the Earth being swallowed by water, and Merlin stuck one of the only bits of land left. This fic is very grand in scale, taking Merlin through a journey of discovering his own magic, discovering a world beyond his simple island, starting to believe in himself and understand the seemingly insurmountable tasks that lay ahead of him. To begin with, this is very much a Merlin-centric story (It is about 100k before Arthur is even mentioned). But the story as a whole is about their combined roles in saving their people. A really fascinating read of complex world-building with a good amount of Merlin and Arthur’s destiny with benefits."[3]


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