My Old Fandom

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Name: My Old Fandom
Date(s): 2016
Moderator(s): 'myoldmod'
Founder: 'myoldmod'
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: fandoms >10 years old
Associated Community: myoldfandom @DW; myoldfandom @LJ
URL: AO3 Collection
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My Old Fandom is a multifandom gift exchange, founded in 2016 by 'myoldmod', for fanfiction & fan art in fandoms where canon has been closed for more than ten years.[1] The exchange is hosted on Archive of Our Own, with a preliminary nominations phase for fandoms. Dreamwidth & livejournal communities are used for administration. Fiction is required to be 1000 words long.


Sign ups for the inaugural exchange were held in March, with works revealed in June. The cut-off date for fandom eligibility was 31 December 2005.[1] A total of 59 works were created, 52 fanfiction & 7 fan art. Popular fandoms included Blake's 7, Dark is Rising, Farscape & Highlander.


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