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Gift Exchange
Name: Wayback Exchange
Date(s): 2019
Runs: Feb-May
Moderator(s): ficmod
Type: OR matching, any type of fanwork
Scope: fandoms over 10 yrs old
Fandom: multifandom, no RPF
Associated Community: waybackexchange's Journal (DW)
URL: AO3 collection]
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The Wayback Exchange is a gift exchange focused only on canons that are more than 10 years old. It is thus functionally equivalent to the defunct My Old Fandom exchange.

Canons are eligible if there has been no new material published or released in the previous ten years. New material includes sequels/prequels, new seasons of a TV show, new books/short stories, webseries or podcast episodes, or other similar official content. Informal supplemental information from a creator does not count.


The Wayback Exchange first ran in 2019. A total of 86 works were produced in 64 fandoms.


  • Eligiblity: no new material after 31 December 2009
  • Nominations: up to 6 canons, with up to 8 tags (character/relationship)
  • Requests: 4 - 10 canons, with 1 - 20 tags (character/relationship)
  • Offers: 4 - 10 canons, with 2 - 20 tags (character/relationship)
  • Schedule:
    • Eligibility Review Period: February 1 - 12
    • Nominations: February 13 - February 20
    • Sign Ups: February 23 - March 2
    • Assignments sent: by March 9
    • Works due: May 10
    • Works Revealed: May 19
    • Authors Revealed: May 27