Must Be Dreaming (Firefly vid)

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Title: Must Be Dreaming
Creator: Corn_Child
Date: Before January 2006
Format: AVI, WMV
Length: 3:44
Music: "Must By Dreaming" by Frou Frou
Fandom: Firefly
Footage: Firefly & Serenity
URL: archived here & streaming version
vidder's title card

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Must Be Dreaming is a Firefly fanvid by Corn_Child. It was reviewed on January 16, 2006 by saeva on the reel LJ community.

Vidder's Summary: "I came up with the idea for this about three hours after seeing Serenity at midnight. I’m pretty sure I had the whole video worked out before dawn. Letting this idea fester for the past four months really helped me perfect a lot of things. I'm quite proud of how it turned out. It focuses on River. A good 98% of this video is about her story arc in Serenity, but I gave Firefly a little bit of screen time too. There are plenty of spoilers for the film!"


  • "This vid begins with a bang even in midst of the credits and the editing and style never really gives up. Probably one of the best edited vids I've ever seen (and I'm counting a number of halcyon_shift's in that statement), this River Tam-centric vid is fast becoming a personal favorite."[1]
  • "I agree with you that the editing is stunning. The vidder has complete mastery over her tools, capturing the graceful movement that Summer Glau embodies as River, and wrapping the vid in a dreamlike disorientation through use of special effects and rapid cutting which both flows and stammers, just like River's mind. However, I can't get past the song choice. The lyrics, especially in the chorus, are about falling in love, and my impression of this song (I've seen two other vids that use it) has always been that it describes someone "losing it so completely" by falling in love. It's also, musically, pretty frothy and lightweight for imagery as dark as these." ~ laura shapiro at the reel
  • "I feel like a lot of this vid - particularly the odd effects choice of things happening outside the frame - are in some ways best understood in relation/comparison with CornChild's other Frou Frou Firefly vid, to "Shhh," which also uses rhythm-based graphical effects at a couple of instances. In this case, I think "Shhh" is the stronger of them, in that the graphical effects do more, but in both cases I take them to be indicative of the way in which the main psyche of the vids - River - has been so fractured and shattered by technology. (One of the very interesting things about Firefly, I've always thought, is that it looks most like a clean shiny sci-fi show when we're near things that surround what was done to River. I love the connection between that vision of a technological future and the damage done to River.) And so when showing River's mind, you need to, or so the argument of the vid goes, have something that shows that aspect of what was done to her. I agree, though, it's less successful in this one." ~ snowspinner at the reel
  • "River is a fantastic character and this is a fantastic video, which really affectively sets her childlike nature against what the Alliance has made her and puts Simon at the centre of both - lots of really clever, fast cutting and I really love the use of dancing in one of the final sequences."[2]
  • "i found [this vid] after i'd only just started vidding myself & it pretty much changed my whole view on it. it made me realize that a vid can be as much a piece of art as anything else. and that a vid can make me have shivers down my spine every single time i watch it ... that fighting/dancing scene is still one of my favorite things ever!"tearfuleye