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Name: Morrigan
Alias(es): P. Morrigan, Enfleurage
Type: author
Fandoms: Airwolf, Blake's 7, Emergency!, Real Ghostbusters
URL:, Enfleurage@AO3
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Morrigan is a fan author known mainly for her fanfiction in the Blake's 7 and Real Ghostbusters fandoms. She entered Blake's 7 fandom in around 2000. Subsequently, she has written for Airwolf and most recently, Emergency!, under the pseud Enfleurage.


Morrigan's speciality is long and plotty gen stories, with characters who remain fairly close to the source. Her fanfiction tends to be driven by her love for characters. She writes that she Finds dark and brooding anti-heroes as irresistible as chocolate and that the common factor in the characters she's drawn to is their intelligence, wit, technical ability, being very good at what they do, a disregard for authority (for some), and sarcasm.[1]

Her Blake's 7 stories usually focus on the interaction between Avon and Blake. Morrigan's take on their relationship, though rarely sexual in nature, is intense enough to attract slash fans; Ika, in a review of the PGP novella "Benediction", praises the A-B dynamics, which are unimpeachably gen and adds, I still think of this as a slash story. Non-slash readers (and, in fact, the author!) would disagree, though.[2]

The majority of her Blake's 7 fanfiction first appeared in printzines, including After Dark, Against All The Odds, Dark Duel, Forbidden Star 3, Star Four, Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army and TTBA. Most of her Real Ghostbusters stories were published on Yahoo Groups, but her work also appeared in the zine We Got One! 4. Some of her stories are archived online at and Archive of Our Own, under the pseud Enfleurage.

Notable Works

Blake's 7

  • Hat Trick
  • Pyrexia
  • Benediction -- PGP novella (published in TTBA). Una McCormack writes: a beautifully paced evocation of the Gauda Prime Blake, and a convincing exploration of how the idealist of 'Star One' could have become the hardened man we see in 'Blake'.[3]
  • A Matter of Trust -- Dark Avon & Blake story set in season 2 (published in Forbidden Star 3). Tavia writes: the complexities of the relationship between the two men are central to the story, and I particularly loved Morrigan's subtle and believable Blake characterisation.[4]
  • The One Shot -- An angsty PGP story (published in TOFPA). It generated controversy over her handling of Blake's character. Tavia describes it as the most moving PGP I've ever read,[5] while Sondra Sweigman found Blake's actions unbelievable, writing: Morrigan clearly envisions a GP Blake who's changed far more radically from the earlier man than I do.[6]
  • Beta Cevia


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