Morbid Much?

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Name: Morbid Much?
Owner/Maintainer: Ryan
Dates: October 2002 - February 2008
Type: Fanvid site
Fandom: primarily BtVS/AtS
URL: - site no longer live, link to wayback
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Morbid Much? was a highly popular website run by Ryan between 2002 and 2008 with fanvids primarily in the Buffyverse fandom. His fanvids won a lot of awards over the years, including The Buffinator Awards, The Showtime Awards and The Rogue Awards among others.

Notable Fanvids

Site recs and reviews

I recommend Morbid Much. Ryan has a bunch of amazing vids[1]
Yeah - Morbid Much is heaps good.[1]
I think Ryan did a fantastic job of not only including most everyone, but also by managing to show some insight into each of them while keeping the vid moving along at a decent pace.[2]
Ryan's site which focuses on the visual side of fandom; fanvids/fanart etc. Kind of gorgeous, with some recs too (have you noticed I love recs yet?). Ryan is up there with Luminosity and Xandra on vid-gasms[3]
I saw the original version of this video and thought it was magnificant...but this version...its just....well, its 10 times better!! It's perfectly executed with amazing editing and just the best song choice for this season.[4]



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