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Doujinshi Circle
Circle: Mononoke Hobaku Butai
Doujinka: Azami Kubyou (九猫あざみ, Kubyou Azami)
Type: Manga
Fandoms: Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Sket Dance
Active: 2000s-2010s
URL: (main)
Stray Cat Fever (Naruto, closed)
Rb-by (Reborn)
SD-by (Sket Dance)
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Mononoke Hobaku Butai (もののけ捕縛部隊) is a doujinshi circle run by Kubyou Azami (九猫あざみ). Its major fandoms have been Naruto with the pairing Kakashi x Sasuke, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn with the pairing Gokudera x Tsuna. In the late 2000s, Azami closed the Naruto section of her website, titled "Stray Cat Fever," and currently focuses on Reborn and Sket Dance.

Azami tends toward a shota style, and occasionally makes Uchiha Sasuke (and other characters?) a catboy.

Circle Name

The circle name means roughly ghost capture force.

It's usually romanized on doujinshi as one long word: Mononokehobakubutai. Sellers and fans break it up differently, sometimes Mononoke Hobakubutai, but more often as Mononoke Hobaku Butai. Kubyou Azami also breaks it up into three words, such as on her Reborn website. It's been abbreviated by fans to MHB. It's prone to containing typos.


Naruto was Azami's first major fandom for which she released doujinshi, beginning in 2001 (or earlier). Of her more than 30+ Naruto doujinshi, over half of them are Kakashi x Sasuke. Her last Naruto doujinshi was relesed in August 2007, and her Naruto website, Stray Cat Fever, closed abruptly in May 2008.

Doujinshi Title # About Size Pages Published
B'coz I Love You. 01-05 ? Kakashi x Sasuke B5 24p 2001.01.21
Aoiaka 06 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 40p 2001.05.06
LV30 07 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 42p 2001.06.24
Cold Burn 11 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 24p 2002.09.08
Caramel 12 Kakashi x Sasuke, Kisame x Itachi B5 34p 2002.12.28
Madrigal 13 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 18p 2003.03
River 14 Kakashi x Sasuke, R-18 B5 38p 2003.05.03
Ricochet 15 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 48p 2003.08.15
Colors reprint collection Kakashi x Sasuke A5 160p 2003.12.28
Moonlit Lane 16 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 22p 2003.12.28
Sweet*Box 17 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 52p 2004.03.21
Jellyegg 18 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 42p 2004.05.02
Natsu no Hikari 19 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 44p 2004.08.13
Kimi no Hitomi wa 10,000 volts 20 Kakashi x Sasuke, Kitty!Sasuke B5 52p 2004.12.29
MBM 21 Kakashi x Sasuke, R-18 B5 40p 2005.03.27
Falsetto 22 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 58p 2005.08.13
Strawberry Ice-Cream Soda 23 Kakashi x Sasuke, Kitty!Sasuke A5 56p 2005.08.28
Hatake-san chino Sasuke-kun. 24 Kakashi x Sasuke, R-18 B5 44p 2005.10.23
Kazaana 25 Sasori x Deidara B5 36p 2005.12.29
Apricot 26 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 44p 2005.12.29
Apricot 2 27 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 56p 2006.03.19
Crack! 28 Sasori x Deidara B5 28p 2006.05.03
Grow Up reprint Kakashi x Sasuke A5 212 2006.05.03
Sapphire no Hoshi 29 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 48p 2006.08.12
Miminari 30 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 28p 2006.12.30
Supernova 31 Akatsuki, gag B5 28p 2006.12.30
Coffee-Milk Crazy 32 Kakashi x Sasuke B5 28p 2007.02.18
Contrail 33 Sasori x Deidara B5 76p 2007.08.18

Stray Cat Fever

In May 2008, Azami's Naruto website "Stray Cat Fever" abruptly closed. There was just the goodbye message:


今までお世話になった皆々様、本当にありがとうございました! お一人お一人にご挨拶に伺えず申し訳ございません。 リンクは解除してくださいますようお願い致します。

今後は読み手としてカカサスの、サスケの行方を追いかけて行きたいと思います。 どうかサスケが幸せになれますように…!

200805 あざみ

Rough translation:

Stray Cat Fever has closed.

Everyone who has helped me until now, I truly thank you so much! To my visitors, I am sorry. Please discard the links to this site.

From now on I'll be in the role of a reader of KakaSasu, wanting to go chase after Sasuke. Somehow, Sasuke will find happiness...!

2008/05 Azami

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Azami opened the Katekyo Hitman Reborn section of her website in October 2006, focusing on the pairing Gokudera x Tsuna (5927). As of 2012, she's released over 40 fanbooks for this series.

Doujinshi Title # About Size Pages Published
Suki Suki Daisuki! 04 34 5927 (Gokudera x Tsuna) B5 44p 2011.08.12
Vanilla Beans 41 5927 (Gokudera x Tsuna) B5 30p 2011.12.29
恋の煙 44p 2007.05.04
理科室ではナイショ話[1] Spana x Tsuna, R-18 44p 2008.12.29
アナタガマワル[2] 23 20p 2009.11.01
ぶどう果汁100%~つぶつぶ入り~[3] 5927 36p 2009.09.27
獄ツナメガネアンソロジー[4] 5927 162p 2009.11.01
お早めにお召し上がりください[5] 32 R-18 24p 2010.10.11
これを恋といえましょうか[6] 37 2759 24p 2011.02.27
TRIPSKY[7] 01 24p 2006.11.05
TWINKLE TWINKLE POPPP![8] 36p 2007.07.22
SWEET SOUL REVUE[9] 02 28p 2007.03.18
Peppermint (ペパーミント)[10] 05 32p 2007.09.09
L.drunk[11] 07 5927, R-18 52p 2007.12.30
CANDY[12] 06 5927, R-18 28p 2007.10.08
Can`t take my eyes of you[13] 42? 5927, R-18 36p 2012.08.11
スキスキダイスキ!04[14] 34 5927 44p 2011.08.12
ClumsyHeart総集編[15] 5927, R-18 132p 2011.08.12

Sket Dance

Azami opened her Sket Dance blog in July 2011, focusing on the pairing Kiri x Tsubaki.

Psycho Pass

  • 退学クライシス[18], 2013-09-23
  • STROBOLIGHTS[19] (book 3), 2014-05-03

Hataraku Maou-sama!

  • 魔王さまのおおせのままに![20], 2013-08-03
  • HOCUSPOCUS[21] (book 2), 2013-10-27


  • J☆S[22], R-18, 2013-10-20

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