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Name: Bora Park
Alias(es): Modooborahae, Modoo, Bora
Type: translator
Fandoms: ARMY (BTS)
URL: Twitter
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Modooborahae is a fan translator for the South Korean band BTS who has been translating since November 2018. She is best known for her translation of Korean business articles and articles about BTS. Her translations are mainly on her Twitter account. From and about the BTS members, she translates and updates on:

Modooborahae uses her account for both translations and as a regular fan account to tweet her thoughts, life updates, and retweet fanart.

She is also one of the translators who participated in the White Paper Project.


Bora's translations have been featured in media articles.

A user (@Modooborahae) explained, “According to the Enforcement Decree of the Passport Act of Korea, these are the people who can receive diplomatic passports: people in high positions in the govt like the president or cabinet members (or a family member of one), special envoys appointed by the pres (like BTS).”

Significance of BTS’ Presidential envoy and Diplomat Passports explained by Arpita Adhya[1]

She also has presence as a public figure and speaks beyond topics about BTS such as cultural appropriation issues and xenophobia.

“I think for me, it was the fact that if they had paid homage or at least called that out, I felt like this would be less of an issue,” he explained. “It felt like blatant ignorance.”

He reached out to the company and started mobilizing his friends, including Bora Park in New York City.

Bora Park, or @modooborahae as she’s known online, shared her outrage to her more than 168,000 followers.

“You have got to be kidding me. Is she really claiming that she ‘came up with the recipe’ for dalgona coffee that was popularized by KOREANS??” she tweeted on April 11. “It was NOT invented by a white woman. She even ripped off instant coffee packs. F---ing tired of this s---.”

Whipped Drinks updated its website as well to “properly acknowledge the origins of this trend."

The site now includes a description of the history of the viral trend:

“In Spring of 2020, like so many others, Katie Angel’s entire world turned upside down and she sought an outlet for her creative spirit. She fell in love with the viral whipped coffee trend, also known as dalgona coffee, that originated in South Korea and gets its name from a popular street toffee. She spent months perfecting her version of the perfect way to make the drink easily at home.”

But Joe and Bora Park both said they didn’t think that initial apology was sufficient.

“It just doesn’t seem like their apology was really an apology. It was very passive-aggressive,” Bora Park told TODAY. “I’m just tired of people doing this. Credit the original people who made this possible and none of this would have happened.”

US company apologizes after claiming to have invented Korean dalgona coffee by Samantha Kubota[2]

A different person (@Modooborahae) called it a "cheap joke" at the band's expense.

"Actually I’m still pissed about this. @JKCorden has had BTS on the show several times and said so many nice things about them. He also introduced them in the WSJ Mag Innovator award video, singing their praises, but threw all of it away to use them (and us) for a cheap joke."

James Corden Is Getting Called Out For Making An Ageist Joke About BTS Fans And…Yikes by Vannessa Jackson[3]