Midnight Smoke

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Title: Midnight Smoke
Author(s): Hijja
Date(s): 26 July 2011
Length: 15,859 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Midnight Smoke (AO3)
Midnight Smoke (1/2) | (2/2) (DW)

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Midnight Smoke is a Yassen/Alex story by Hijja.


Alex Rider investigates a spate of teen abductions and runs into an old enemy.

Recs and Reviews

If you’re in the mood for darker fics with plenty of Yassen hurting Alex complete with violence and heavy dubcon, Hijja has you covered. This particular fic features a mission-type premise with Alex being sent to investigate a spate of teen abductions only to be captured. Yassen is there, and he has his own goals…[1]

Alex Rider Ship Week


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