Michonne Appreciation Week

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Name: Michonne Appreciation Week
Date(s): Febuary 8-14, 2015
Moderator(s): Michonne Network
Type: gifsets, fan edits, meta
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Associated Community:
URL: michonnenetwork: archive link
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Michonne Appreciation Week, or Michonne Week, was a fanweek challenge based on prompts. All fanworks had to be about The Walking Dead's Michonne. Fan edits, gifsets and meta were created.


  • Day 1: Favorite Episode
  • Day 2: Favorite Quote
  • Day 3: Favorite Relationship
  • Day 4: Favorite Walker Kill
  • Day 5: Favorite Scene/Moment
  • Day 6: Funniest Moment OR Anything you want.
  • Day 7: Happy Birthday Danai Gurira! Make something for Danai, the wonderful lady that brought our Queen to life, to celebrate her birthday!

Example Fanworks