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Journal Community
Name: metablog
Date(s): July 11, 2002 - July 31, 2007
Moderator: lorelief
Founder: lorelief
Type: LiveJournal community, noticeboard
Fandom: multifandom, Pan-fandom, meta

Metablog banner

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Metablog default icon

Metablog, the "blog of blogs", was designed as a place for people to post links to Livejournal (and other blog-based) posts of general fannish interest:

Metablog is a community designed as a resource for linking to blogs and LJs that discuss issues of importance to fandom. It is multifandom and metafandom. Metablog is not meant as a discussion forum; rather, it's meant to help fans find current discussions elsewhere.[1]

Unlike Metafandom, which arrived several years later, Metablog wasn't moderated, and was open to anyone to post links.

Metablog was the clearinghouse for LJ-based pan-fandom and meta discussions until 2005, when Metafandom came on the scene and sparked a fresh burst of interest. While Metablog stayed moderately active for several more months, and saw a trickle of activity over the next couple of years, by 2007 it had effectively died.