Menage a Trois (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Menage a Trois
Publisher: BaReMi Press
Editor(s): Michael Rightor, Rena Leith/Weber, and Barbara Setzer
Date(s): May 1981
Medium: print zine
Genre: adult het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover in pencil by Rebecca Barnes: "We have decided to use a pencil piece for the cover instead of the color xerox in order to keep the price down. This is because the zine will only have only around 100 pages, making the price per book too high with the color cover for the size of the zine." -- from Universal Translator #9

Menage a Trois is an adult het Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Michael Rightor. It was published in May 1981 and contains 56 pages. There were 300 copies printed.

The front cover is by Rebecca Barnes. Interior art by Rebecca Barnes, B.A. Clark, Janice Liedl, Rena Leith, and Barbara Setzer.


  • Just Another Shore Leave by Barbara Setzer ("Uhura's shore leave takes a turn when she meets a Vulcan merchant, or is he?") (1)
  • A Night Out With the Boys by Rena Leith ("Molly Santana, a shipping magnate's daughter, takes Daddy's starcruiser for a joy ride. When she captures Spock and several others aboard a Star Fleet shuttle, things will never be the same again.") (20)
  • All in the Line of Duty by Michael Rightor ("Sulu and Chekov are stranded on a backwater planet run by women. Their only means of survival is to 'work their way' toward the capital city, the site of the only space port. They find that they must allow themselves to be captured and bartered and used and abused.") (29)


A Fan Remembers This Zine: And a Dramatic Reading by Walter Koenig

Kandy Fong remembers Walter Koenig running across this zine for sale at a convention.

Kandy Fong: ... it had a picture on the front cover, very well drawn, of Uhura being hugged by Sulu, but then reaching out past him to Walter, implying that it was going to be a three-way. Well—

Marnie S: Oh, I know that zine.. I think I have that zine out in my garage.

KF: —Walter's coming around through, and he goes, "Oh, you've got slash. You got any, listen— Kandy, why is it can I never find any slash that has Koenig it in?" I mean, Walter in it. I mean— (laughter)

MS: Yes, yes.

KF: He wanted to know why his character wasn't being slashed. I'm kinda going—

MS: He was not—

KF: Eeeee

MS: —deterred by it. In fact, he used to tease George about it.

KF: Yes. (laughter) So, anyhow, he goes up and he sees this story, and I said, "And these stories are terrible." And he rolls it up and he decides to give a dramatic reading.

MS: Oh, god! Oh god!

KF: About how the two guys had to go down to a planet and seduce the court of the queen, so they'd give them dilithium crystals, for the ship is trapped in orbit and can't get out. And so these two young men had to go down there and please the ladies of the— So, he's reading this thing out loud, very dramatically, and just enjoying the heck out of it. So—

MS: He got a huge kick out of things like that.

KF: —that's when I got to know, and, a little bit, and we see each other at conventions and we'd hang a little bit. Because, he found me amusing, I found him amusing, and it was interesting. So he knew me as a slasher from the beginning. I mean, I was out there, I'm sorry. (laughter)

MS: Once he found it, he— And somebody asked him, at one of the conventions, he was looking at a slash zine. And, somebody came up and thought he didn't know, or pointed it out on the table, and he said, "Hey, if I could look like that, I think that's fine." (laughter) [1]

Reactions and Reviews

'Menage a Trois' is made up of three stories, one by each of the three editors. In the ad in Forum it says, 'An adult zine with an emphasis on adventure.' Also in that same ad, it gives a little tease from each story... Unfortunately, the teasers are probably the most adventurous things about the zine. I've read very few zines that went into as much explicit detailed sex as this one. While hopping from one sexual encounter to the next one, there is a plot of a sort included in each story. All the sex scenes are well written, even erotic, but as a whole, I found much of it vaguely boring. There just wasn't enough meat to the stories to sink your teeth into. The artwork is uneven to the extreme. In the same story, it can go from very good to ba-a-ad. For those of you who enjoy a little more 'action' in their adventure, this is for you (I mean, MY husband has been trying to get me to read it again). However, for those of you who like more adventure in your action, approach with caution. [2]
I was there at Babelcon, and I was at the art auction, and I saw that zine. A one-word review of that little epic?: UGH! [3]
  • Just Another Shore Leave / Barbara Setzer, A Klingon/Romulan half-breed on the run and posing as a Vulcan meets and falls for Uhura, who helps out when his pursuers catch up.
  • A Night Out With the Boys / Rena Leith, Silly little Mary Sue - a shipping magnate's daughter runs off with her father's yacht, makes love slaves of the occupants of a shuttle in distress (Scotty, McCoy, Spock, and an overweight historian), then gets captured by real pirates, forcing the gang to rescue her.
  • All in the Line of Duty / Michael Rightor, Chekov and Sulu, in testing a new long-distance transporter (a la Dr. Who), end up captured by warrior women who keep them as sex slaves until they escape under cover of battle confusion. Lots of boobs. [4]


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