Men Who Dare

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Title: Men Who Dare
Publisher: Triffid's Leg Press
Editor(s): Jan Lindar
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Men Who Dare is a multimedia slash zine published in 1997 and is 118 pages long. The fiction is all by Lindar and are stories previously published in other fanzines. Summaries from the publisher.

  • French Moonlight (Biggles) (Biggles and Algy discover love in war-torn France during the First World War.) (1)
  • Beneath the Mask (The Lone Ranger) (15)
  • Metamorphosis (Star Trek: TNG) (A humorous little twister of Picard and Q.) (19)
  • Thumbnail Sketch (Land of the Giants) (Captain Steve Burton and his co-pilot Dan examine their relationship in a new light.) (21)
  • Fly Boys 1926 (Biggles) (Guess what Ginger really wants for his twenty-first birthday?) (28)
  • Small Prey (Land of the Giants) (Steve must choose between love and duty when Dan is snatched by a giant spider.) (30)
  • Planet of No Return (Planet of the Apes) (Two men alone in a future ruled by apes, discover a closer intimacy.) (47)
  • Colours of the Night (Captain Scarlet) (Scarlet's nightmares reveal that the indestructible Captain is still a vulnerable man.) (52)
  • Primary Colours (Captain Scarlet) (A flashback to Scarlet and Blue's first meeting.) (57)
  • The Colour of Love (Captain Scarlet) (Angered by his indestructibility, Scarlet turns to Blue for love.) (68)
  • The Colours of Blood and Twilight (Captain Scarlet) (Captain Black poses some serious questions for Scarlet.) (78)
  • Brothers In Arms (Thunderbirds) (Instead of rescuing others, now it's Virgil's turn to rescue Scott.) (88)
  • A Time To Every Purpose (The Time Tunnel) (Doug and Tony face danger and discover their love amidst the ruins of Atlantis.) (92)
  • O Come All Ye Faithful (Thunderbirds) (A tongue-in-cheek Christmas romp for the Tracy brothers.) (116)