Men, Halflings & Hero Worship

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Title: Men, Halflings & Hero Worship
Publisher: T-K Graphics
Editor(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): 1961; 1973
Fandom: Tolkien
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cover of the chapbook by Judith Weiss

Men, Halflings & Hero Worship is a gen fanwork written by Marion Zimmer Bradley and illustrated by Judith Weiss.

It was first published as a pamphlet for FAPA as Astra's Tower (Special Leaflet #5), reprinted in Niekas, then published as a 51-page chapbook by T-K Graphics.

Summary from Fictionwise: "An analysis of the role of love in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings." [1]

A catalogue of early Tolkien fan publications describes it as:

An inquiry into the relationships developed in LR with various speculations about the passing of the Heroic Age in society, in literature and in the individual. Denounces Edmund Wilson's take on LR and posits that an adolescent hero worship is the main concept in close relationships between characters in the LR; the exception is the relationship between Frodo and Sam.[2]


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