Melanie Walker

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Name: Melanie Walker
Occupation: waitress, ex-member of Royal Flush Gang
Relationships: King and Queen of the Royal Flush Gang (parents), Jack (brother)
Fandom: Batman Beyond
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Melanie Walker is a Batman Beyond character.


Melanie Walker first appeared in Batman Beyond episode "Dead Man's Hand" (March 1999). She was a former member of the Royal Flush Gang, a group of costumed criminals who had been stealing for a considerable time and all of whom were members of the same family.

She has appeared in three animated episode of Batman Beyond and various Batman Beyond related comic book issues.


Fandom opinion of Melanie is sort of mixed, while most are positive of the character, there are a few that are not (most of the negative comments are directed toward any her romance or any possible romance with Terry).

Fanart of Melanie often portray her in costume as Ten or in her regular clothes, others have her dressed up as Batgirl.

Melanie is often paired up with her canon on-off love interest, Terry McGinnis/Batman. Melanie and her relationship with Terry could be compared with Bruce and Selina since they have a similar relationship (although Selina eventually learns the truth: Bruce is Batman, so far Melanie has no idea), although another suggestion has since popped up on Tumblr with that of Talia al Ghul[1].

There is some interest of pairing Melanie with Dana Tan and Max Gibson.


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