McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with my scheherazade

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Interviews by Fans
Title: McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with my_scheherazade
Interviewee: my_scheherazade (Kaiti)
Date(s): August 5, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Team Interviews: my_scheherazade: mcshep_war, Archived version
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my_scheherazadel was interviewed in 2009 for McShep Match.

It is part of this series: McShep Match Interview Series.


How long have you been writing fan fiction and/or making fan art and/or whatever else (vids, knitted goods, pornographic gingerbread cookies)?

I wrote my first fan fiction when I was fourteen. It was this disastrously cracky Lord of the Rings fic in which Legolas was the host of a cooking show. That was about eight years ago, so I like to think my writing has developed a bit since then...

Lord of the Rings is my one true fandom (you never forget your first, you know?) I’ve also written for Heroes and been a reader in several others.

What do you enjoy most about SGA and/or SGA fandom?

I love SGA because it’s hopeful. All the characters are complete misfits who, despite their courage, loyalty, and brilliance, are seen as expendable by everyone on Earth. They literally had to leave the galaxy to find a place where they belonged. Even with the whole space vampire, constantly fighting for their lives thing, they found a home and made real connections with other people, some for the first time in their lives.

As for the fandom… how could you not love it? Everyone is so smart and creative, with surprisingly little drama. Some of the fics I’ve read here are better than your average novel, and I’ve never come across a story that I wanted to turn over to Godawful Fan Fiction. It’s all about the quality and the community.

Also, Stargate is the only story I know in which, literally, anything is possible. You can send them back in time 300 years, turn them into robots, or write them into any AU setting you can think of and it’s still technically canon because time travel, transmogrifying, and alternate realities are practically passé in the show. As a writer or an artist, that’s exciting.

Why did you choose to join Team War?

I can’t write fluff. It’s just not in me.