Marble Hornets

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Name: Marble Hornets
Abbreviation(s): MH
Creator: Troy Wagner
Date(s): June 2009 - Present
Medium: Webseries
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia
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Marble Hornets is a YouTube web series and ARG inspired by the Slender Man online mythos. The first episode was posted on YouTube on June 20, 2009, following a post its creator Troy Wagner created on Something Awful the previous day.


To date, there are 87 entries chronicling the series and 92 episodes. The series also has 39 accompanying videos from a side-channel, "totheark". These videos, as well as the eponymous "totheark", have been featured multiple times throughout the story. As of February 26, 2015, the principal channel has over 79,500,000 views.

Major characters

  • Jay Merrick: The protagonist of the majority of the series. A friend of Alex, Jay uploads the entries in an attempt to discover exactly what happened during the filming of Marble Hornets. He is portrayed by Troy Wagner.
  • Alex Kralie: The director of the original Marble Hornets student film project and the protagonist of roughly the first half of the first season. Alex used to attend the same school as Jay, but transferred schools. He is the director of an unfinished student project entitled Marble Hornets, which he dropped without any explanation. During the latter part of the series, he serves as a secondary antagonist towards Jay and Tim. He is portrayed by Joseph DeLage.
  • Timothy Wright/The Masked Man: A former actor from the Marble Hornets student film, and initially the only cast or crew member that Jay can find. Later on begins stalking Jay under his alternate masked persona. However, Tim eventually allies with Jay in the third season of the series. He is portrayed by Tim Sutton.
  • Totheark: A persona that has uploaded several responses to Jay's entries. For the first season of the series, it is operated mainly by Tim under the influence of the masked persona. It is later taken over in the second and third seasons by the hooded man (revealed to be Brian towards the end of the third season).
  • Brian Thomas/The Hooded Man: Brian was the main actor in Alex Kralie's project, and was assaulted by Alex, later returning as a mysterious hooded figure who works against Alex and Tim. He is portrayed by Brian Haight.
  • Jessica Locke: A woman that Jay meets in the second season and is somehow connected to Alex and the Operator. She is portrayed by Jessica May.
  • The Operator/Slender Man: An entity of unknown origin. Begins appearing to Alex during the shooting of Marble Hornets. When Jay personally investigates Alex's disappearance, he encounters The Operator as well.

Minor characters

  • Seth Wilson: Seth was a cameraman for Marble Hornets, and was apparently taken by The Operator near the end of production, at Alex's will. He is portrayed by Seth McCay.
  • Sarah Reid: Sarah was an actor in Marble Hornets, and makes only one appearance in the series. Believed by Alex to be dead. She is portrayed by Mary Kathleen Bishop.
  • Amy Walters: Amy was Alex's girlfriend after he dropped the Marble Hornets project. She appears once when the Operator appears near her and Alex, and was sought by Jay and Alex in season 2. Alex later admits to have killed her much earlier on. She is played by Bethann Williams and Mai Yamane (voice).


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