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Name: Malek
Occupation: Member of the Tok'ra
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Canon Background

Malek is a base commander of the Tok'ra outpost in the Risa system, and an influential member of the Tok'ra resistance movement.

We have never heard his host speak, nor do we know the hosts name. Malek has had several dealings with the SGC. He is very strong-willed and determined, and the Tok'ra cause is extremely important for him. He cooperates well enough with the Tau'ri, but has little patience with the free Jaffa, as is the case for many of the Tok'ra. This is due to the fact that the Tok'ra hosts are from planets that have been subjugated by the Jaffa, and also that most Tok'ra that have been killed over the time, has been so by the Jaffa.


When his life was saved by Bra'tac, he was able to see further than his own misconceptions, and admit to his errors.

He is a competent biochemist, and was later able to help develop the tretonin which freed the Jaffa from their dependence on Goa'uld larvae.


While we saw little of Malek in the series, he is quite popular in fandom. His unusual ability to see past his past experiences and formerly set opinions makes him an interesting character.

He is popular among many female fans, both because of his looks and because of an interest in seeing past his somewhat hard demeanor.

Since we never meet the host, fanfic writers speculate freely when they invent that character.


Malek fanfiction is mostly het and most of that is Sam/Malek. There is also some gen, and a little slash, mostly Malek/Aldwin. It should be noted that unless Malek is part of a moresome, all the Sam/Malek fics I have ever found have taken place after Martouf/Lantash are dead.

Examples of Fanfic


  • Tok'ra Allegiance The episode 'Allegiance' seen from the Tok'ra (Malek and his host's) POV. PG
  • Brothers in Arms Jack and Malek have been imprisoned by Osiris and must help each other escape. R
  • My Heart Shall Pass Unto Yours Malek's host is dying. He doesn't want Malek to die with him but to find a new host. They come across a young man chained in a room. Will he accept a symbiote? PG-13.
  • Balancing the books In response to the 2007 Tok’ra Resistance Fic Challenge: "In Allegiance, Malek says he owes Bra'tac his life and hopes one day to repay that debt. How does he do that?" Malek is undercover on a Goa'uld-controlled world when he learns that Bra'tac is being held prisoner there. Can he help the Jaffa without blowing his cover? PG


  • Malek's Story Book II The Tok'Ra Legacy Series Prequel to 'Daughters of the Queen' and Sequel to 'Blood of My Heart'. R
  • Going Home The Tok'ra return to Earth and find their future lies in the secrets of Malek's past. Sam/Malek PG-13
  • Lantash He laid there, in her arms. Unrightfully taken from her by the Goauld. But all she could do is give herself to Lantash. PG-13. Sam/Malek
  • Where Destiny Leads Egeria has been saved. They've made it out, haven't they? What kind of welcome will the Tok'ra give them...What will happen to them now? What does the future hold? Sam & Martouf/Lantash Malek/Other. NC-17.
  • Before Drabble. Malek and Sam...some time after MartoufLantash's death. PG
  • Fever Series Malek/Daniel/Sam/Martouf/Lantash, no slash. PWP-ish. NC-17.
  • Together Daniel/Sam/Malek. PWP-ish. NC-17
  • Red Queen The Tok'ra enlist SG-1's help to stop Baal taking humans with special powers, hok'taur, for his new queen. But what they find could mean the destruction of the goa'uld and the salvation of the Tok'ra. Characters Malek, Jacob, Anise, Delek, SG1, OFC, Bratac PG-13.


  • I Don't Care Malek feels upset after Allegiance and Jack decides to cheer him up. Malek/Jack (and slight Jacob/Selmak/Bra'tac). PG13
  • A Quiet Mission Malek and Aldwin are on a mission. Malek/Aldwin. PG
  • Exploration: Earth, Well, Some Parts of America What the title says. Some Tok'ra visits USA. S/M established. Malek/Aldwin established. PG13
  • The Road to Tartarus Sam and Asheron/Malek both face the consequences of "Going Home" (see under het). Sam is an alien on her homeworld, while he deals with returned memories of shame and horror. Meanwhile an old enemy stretches forth his hand to recapture what he lost years ago. While Sam wonders about her future, Asheron will give everything to save her and the Tok'ra she carries. Sam/Malek, Malek/Ba'al.
  • The Wrong Reason When the Tok'ra council turns against Selmak, Malek is furious at his mate. Delek wants to make it up to him. Delek/Malek. NC-17, PWP