Magnificent Slash Bites

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Title: Magnificent Slash Bites
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Date(s): The original submission deadline August 2005.
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Magnificent 7
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press Mag7 website
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Magnificent Slash Bites is slash Magnificent Seven zine with stories that have appeared, or are available, online. It is an all-vampire slash zine with 125 pages. Stories in this issue are all set in the Dark Gift universe by Tarlan. Any pairing, but emphasis is on Chris/Vin.

A gen proposed sister zine called "Magnificent Bites" apparently did not make it off the ground.


  • The Dark Gift (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. When Lestat chances upon Vin Tanner and makes him a vampire, he sets in motion events that will see The Magnificent Seven ride forever. (4)
  • Under the Sun (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. Buck recalls how he became a vampire. (47)
  • Between Heaven and Earth (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. Josiah's story of how he became a vampire. (10)
  • Full Moon Rising (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. Ezra's story of how he became a vampire. (7)
  • Solstice (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. It is the shortest night of the year... and Chris and Vin are on the hunt. (7)
  • Promises in the Dark (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. When Vampires die inexplicably all over the world, Chris and Vin fear for their "family." (6)
  • Endless Nights (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. A figure from the past causes pain in the present... (15)
  • Zenith (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. Chris recalls how he became a vampire. (10)
  • Silence of the Night (by Tarlan) Dark Gift. Nathan's coming over. (9)