Magic Kaito

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Name: Magic Kaito
Abbreviation(s): MK
Creator: Aoyama Gosho
Date(s): 1988-ongoing
Medium: manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Magic Kaito (まじっく快斗) is a Japanese shonen manga series by Aoyama Gosho. It canonically crosses over with Detective Conan, and has had several anime specials and a 2014 anime series produced.

Canon Overview

Kuroba Kaito is a high school student who one day discovers that his deceased father, Kuroba Toichi, was not only the international phantom thief Kaitou Kid but was also murdered in what was thought to be a stage magic accident. In response, he takes on the role of the Kaitou Kid himself to bait out the killers, who turn out to be an organization who seek the immortality granting gemstone Pandora.

The series started off as a fairly episodic gag manga, with such chapter plots as 'Kaito has to deal with a robotic copy of himself' and 'the Prime Minister of Japan pretends to have been kidnapped by Kaitou Kid to evade his duties', but ended up placing more focus on the Pandora plot around the release of the Blue Birthday chapter in the 1990s.


Magic Kaito has spent much of its time on hiatus, due to Aoyama focusing on writing his other series Yaiba, and later on, Detective Conan. As a result, Magic Kaito has only thirty six chapters as of 2021, and can go years with no new chapters.


Due to the fact that Magic Kaito has crossed over with Aoyama's later series Detective Conan multiple times, the fandom is closely intertwined with the Detective Conan fandom, with many people being fans of both series. As a result, many fanworks feature characters and scenarios from both series, with one of the most popular pairings being Kaito/Shinichi.

Lack of Localization

In a contrast to its much longer sister series, the Magic Kaito manga has no official English manga translation as of 2021. While the 2014 anime series does have a Crunchyroll English sub, this adaptation skipped some of the sillier/more gag manga type chapters, such as the Robo-Kaito chapter. As a result, fans who want to read the manga or see what the anime left out have no choice but to read scanlated material online.

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