Madison is Alpha

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Fan Theory
Fan Theory: Madison is Alpha
Synonyms: Fear Group is The Whisperers
Fandom(s): Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead
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Madison is Alpha was a fan theory in Fear the Walking Dead/The Walking Dead fandom. The theory states that Madison Clark is Alpha and the Fear group are, or will eventually become, The Whisperers, a group from the comics who are antagonists to Rick Grimes' group of survivors. The origins of the theory are unclear, however one of the first mentions of theory appears early in season one on the Roamers and Lurkers fan forum.[1] The theory gained popularity as the series progressed and the Fear characters, and especially Madison, showed a darker bent than characters from the original series, The Walking Dead. Also, Nick Clark, Madison's son, adopted many of the same techniques used by The Whisperers, like walking among the dead. The theory was debunked in season 4 with Madison's death.