Mad Max Fandom Creator Spotlight

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Fandom: Mad Max
Dates: Early 2019
See also: Fan Survey

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In early 2019 the Tumblr community Mad Max Fanfic Awards (community) interviewed creators of Mad Max fanworks. People nominated an author who then responded to a Google doc of questions. The interviews were posted on Tumblr.

Hey all, this year the Mad Max Fanfic Awards is taking a bit of a different format. We will be spotlighting different authors and other creators within the fandom. Think of, “Actors on Actors,” directors’ roundtables, convention panels, and magainze interviews with your favourite canon creators. We want to give fanon creators that kind of attention and support.

Please use the linked form to nominate any and all Mad Max Fandom creators you would like to see spotlighted, and supply us with questions you would like them to answer. Self-nominations are welcome. We will create a questionaire to be sent to all nominated creators, which will be shared here as we receive them back.

Depending on interest, we may also schedule live roundtables and panels with subsets of the creators and/or vote for genre and other category achievement awards.

We will give you notice before we close the form, but please send us your input so we can start spotlighting creators.[1]



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