MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Wynn

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Interviews by Fans
Title: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Wynn
Interviewer: MCU Wintershock
Interviewee: wynn
Date(s): February 13, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Wynn, Archived version
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"What about Wintershock as a pairing appeals to you?

The shallowest reason first: Kat Dennings and Sebastian Stan are gorgeous people, so they (or Darcy and Bucky) would look gorgeous together. Never underestimate the power of shallow, see below, re: my response for 02. The less shallow reasons: I have a lot of love for Stucky and Winterwidow, but I’m also intrigued by the idea of post-WS Bucky interacting with people with whom he has no history and the thrill that such interaction might provide for him. A new person can just take him as he is now and not compare him to the Winter Soldier or to pre-WS Bucky. Darcy’s also shown a compelling mix of compassion and strength in the Thor movies that makes me think she’d interact well with Bucky; she was kind to Selvig and she stayed with Jane during her no-science era pre-Thor 2, yet she handles Jane’s pricklier moments well too, which makes me think she’d roll with/stand up to Bucky’s understandably moodiness post-WS. For Bucky, I think he’d see a lot of what drew him to Steve as a friend in Darcy: she’s a good person, one who’s capable yet also underestimated by others and who chafes a bit under this dismissal and perhaps desires to prove herself (see her reaction to Jane in Thor 2 when Jane says that she’s the scientist). Plus there’s a relative innocence to Darcy (compared to the heavy stuff that most of the other MCU characters have dealt with) that I think he’d be drawn to and want to protect.

That was really long. I have feelings about this ‘ship."
"How did you first encounter it? I can’t remember exactly. I don’t know if I started reading it or writing it first. I know when I started writing it. I was inspired by this manip of Sebastian Stan as a shirtless, sweaty Bucky and searched for the female character that would have the appropriately lustful and awed response to such an image (female because I tend to write what isn’t being written a lot and there’s a lot of slash in MCU fanfic). Natasha would have been too cool as she’s a badass, the same with Pepper and Maria, and if Jane gets a regular view of shirtless and sweaty Thor, then even a shirtless and sweaty Bucky can’t compare. Then my brain focused on Darcy, and the rest, as they say, is history."
"Do you have any specific Wintershock headcanons that you’ve written into your fics or seen on Tumblr/in someone else’s fic? I find now that I have to physically restrain myself from having Darcy call Bucky ‘bear’ in the new Wintershock fic I’m writing. And I am firmly convinced that Darcy would have thought Bucky was the cutest/hottest/best Commando when studying them in HS/college."
"Of the stories that you’ve written concerning them, which one is your favorite and why?

I’ve got a special place in my heart for “Hang You From the Heavens,” which was my first Wintershock fic and the one that started the insanity that led to the blog and that contains one of my favorite opening paragraphs of everything I’ve written. I’m also enjoying the hell out of “And If I Call For You” and look forward to expanding that verse in a variety of ways.

That Which You Seek,” though, became something of a phenomena in my fic writing life though. I just wanted to try my hand at a Bucky post-WS fic after the movie came out, and to try one that others weren’t doing (which meant no Stucky or Winterwidow). I thought few, if any, people would make Darcy cross paths with him. It became so much more popular than I ever anticipated, by far the most read fic that I’ve ever written; the responses blew my mind."