Low-Budget Beasts

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Name: Low-Budget Beasts
Date(s): May 2014 - last post on February 2015
Submissions: yes
Type: photo
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Scope: really, really bad costumes
URL: http://lowbudgetbeasts.tumblr.com
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The Tumblr blog Low-Budget Beasts is a "TRIBUTE TO ALL THE LOW-BUDGET BEAST COSTUMES FEATURED IN PRODUCTIONS OF "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST."". Its short-lived active life brought joy to many fans through fan-submitted photos of really, really, really terrible costumes from staged versions of Disney's Beauty and the Beast -- focused on the "Beast" costumes, which prove to be the most difficult, but often featuring the rest of the cast in equally low-budget costumes.

Its moderator, N, is a fan as well as a former performer in an official Disney parks production of Beauty and the Beast.