Love is Strange (Life is Strange fangame)

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Name: Love is Strange
Fandom: Life is Strange
Developer: Team Rumblebee
Release date: April 2016
Engine: Ren'Py
Genre: Visual novel
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Love is Strange is a visual novel taking place in an alternate universe of Life is Strange.

The plot is a "normal life AU"; Max Caulfield has no time powers, Rachel Amber is very much alive, and Mark Jefferson doesn't exist.

Four different characters are available for the protagonist Max to form a femslash relationship with: Chloe, Kate, Victoria, and Rachel. There are nine different endings to the game.

Many fanworks based on Love is Strange have been created, some available on AO3 under the freeform tag Love is Strange (Life is Strange Fangame).

Release history

A demo version was released in November 2015, and the full version was made available on April 1 of 2016.

A Russian translation was released by Tolma4 in June of 2016.

Player reactions

As of September 2019, Love is Strange is rated 6.77 out of 10 on VNStat (49 votes) and 6.76 out of 10 on VNDB (54 votes).

Remember when Love is Strange dropped and the fandom was happy together. I miss that. Ima play it again soon :3 it’s so cute and fluffy and gay and it made me tear up more times than I wanna admit lol Also if you haven’t played it please please consider it. Life is Strange is great….for awhile….but Love is Strange?? PERFECTION.[1]

Best fan-made game I've ever played.[2]

Warren and Nathan should have been romance options for Love Is Strange. This is an alternate universe where Jeffershit does not exist, therefor no horrible manipulation and erosion of Nathan’s mental health. Warren is Max’s friend and one of her love interests and Max is Bisexual. Really don’t understand why there is no option to choose Warren or Nathan for the fans of the characters and Caulscott and Grahamfield[3]

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