Lost (Starsky & Hutch story)

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Title: Lost
Author(s): Lynna Bright
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Lost is a Starsky & Hutch AU by Lynna Bright.

It was printed as a serial in nine issues of The Fix between October 1987 and April 1991.

Editor's Comments

In the third issue of "The Fix", the editor addresses the alternate universe story, "Lost" (which is also a commentary on how few alternate universe stories here were in the fandom):

Some of our readers, who are completely right in expressing their interests and tastes, haven't enjoyed "Lost It as much as others of us have. It is true that this type of story, while quite common in other fan universes, Trek and Professionals for example, is not seen often in SH. I think it is interesting to explore different ways our characters could react if they were plopped into different settings than the ones we're used to seeing them in. True, one of the factors that make Star sky and Hutch the men they are is the gritty urban crime of the L.A. of the 1970's. But why hold ourselves back? One of my favorite themes in Trek was the idea that the two heroes would 'find' each other in any incarnation, that the universe could change drastically, but they would come together and their love would endure. This is the way I see "Lost II -- an exploration of what if instead of being two modern guys in California, they were two strangers marooned together. Because at heart they really are Starsky and Hutch, we know that the relationship will evolve, but the differences and similarities to their twentieth century counterparts will be interesting to watch. No matter where or who they are, they will be drawn together... and maybe in another life, Christian and Manfred come back as the famous partners the BCPD will know as Starsky and Hutch. If you can't get into it from this way, though, I offer you an alternative. Remember the movie that bad guy Robert Erba, the villain of Murder on San Carmelitas, intended to have Starsky and Hutch star in? It was about two guys shipwrecked on a deserted isle, and I'm not talking Skipper and Little Buddy. Just imagine "Lost" is that film brought to you in living color, ladies, and lean back and enjoy ....

Fan Comments


Honorable mention in the Guilty Pleasures category is the continued story in the Fix ?2 - 6? of an au S/K on a dessert [1] island, where Starsky is nicer and more naive than humanly possible, but the sex *really* worked for me <blush> [2]


I've never read any AU S/H, but I think I'd love it if the boys could be written recognizably. I bought an issue of 'The Fix' (can't remember which one and don't have it in front of me at the moment} that had an AU story set in the age of tall ships, about the boys both being aboard a ship that sinks and being both carried to opposite sides of an uncharted island, never having met. At which point the story is "To Be Continued."


Could someone say if that story was ever in fact completed? It had potential. I really don't know if the characters are really in character, because as of the end of the first installment they still haven't met or spoken, but if it was continued in another issue I'd love to get it. [3]

If I actually liked the story, I'd suggest that this would be a wonderful task for the slash archive. <g> But my taste in AUs runs more in the direction of 'Decorated for Death'. [4]

Yes, it was completed. "Lost" runs through the first 10 issues of The Fix and of course, the characters meet and -- let's just say they get to know each other very well. (Hmmm... just noticed that someone else posted it runs 20 parts, no, not quite... [5]

I'm not an AU person, but I LOVED "Lost"! This story was the one and only time I've ever been moved enough by a story to cry at it's ending. I can be affected by fanfic greatly, but I've never be brought to tears, and when I hear of others that cry when reading certain stories, I wondered if there was something wrong with me. But then I read "Lost" and was bawling like a baby, so yes, I guess I am normal!!

Think I'm going to have to search out my Fix's for a reread. Heck, I cried all through ER last night, might as well get in some more cleansing tears! parts, no, not quite... [6]

Hi, I have to agree that AU stories have never been at the top of my list but when I started reading 'Lost' I got absolutely absorbed in that story and only wish it would have gone on for even more chapters.

I cried like a baby at the end of this one too, and consider it to be one of my all time favorite stories, simply beautiful. [7]

Yes......it was continued and completed but the series ran all the way through The Fix zines..... It was really good. [8]

I had just started reading my Fix zines last week and became totally enthralled with Lost. It is amazing that this story would come up just as I have been reading it. It is so fantastically written. I loved every minute, even the upsetting ones and the writing was just incredibly vivid. So, here is another vote for Lost. [9]

Ah shoot!

Now I'm just plain scared. I have never been able to completely enjoy a story knowing from the onset that it ends in sadness. I am basically an escapist reader. I am just wimpy that way. But oh damn I REALLY wanted to read that series and know I'm going to do so with a twist in my stomach. Waiting, waiting for the inevitable heartbreak. (I am definitely on the Drama Train today. Maybe now's a good time to open that dusty file in my hard drive and see if I can move my WIP along.)

Uh-oh. Upon rereading this, it sounds like I'm complaining about getting responses to a direct question I asked; please allow me to clarify. Thank you all for responding to my question. Honestly, for me, knowing that something sad is coming, while kind of unpleasant, is much preferred to tripping along joyously through a delicious read and suddenly getting it dropped on me.

And it's not that I like...what were they called? Pink Slipper stories? I thrive on pain and angst and passion and contention, eat it up with a spoon. My S/H world is far from sweetness and light. But I just don't have much of a stomach for the finality of death or permanent separation. In my 'stories' (the ones I told to myself during all those years that I believed S/H existed only between my ears) the boys were sometimes driven apart for years at a time by passion or anger. But there was always a reconciliation at least possible, even when it wasn't a perfect peace. The thought of them forever separated chills my heart, and I've no strong personal belief in the afterlife.

On the brighter side, the installments are in The Fix issues, so I'll have lots of other reading to lighten the blow. :-p

Don't worry. The ending is NOT sad. It's beautiful.
I was just crying because it's such a beautiful story! You GOT to read it![10]

I have enjoyed a few of AU's a lot. The series 'Lost' by (crossing fingers)...Lynna Bright? And of course the 'Seidhrman' series at the Me n' Thee site that I *will* stop yacking about some day. But coincidently, I have the same hang up with both stories, and yes, it's along the lines of characterization.

I thought that the Starsky in Seidhrman was almost perfect. Macho, playful, practical, devoted, alternately placating and pissing off Hutch, dangerous, and brave in his world and quite spooked out in Hutch's spiritual dealings. But Hutch....was spotty. He kind of came and went. Sometimes he'd open his mouth and what came out would be so Hutch that I'd laugh out loud, but sometimes he'd disappear for pages, and the AU Hutch would wander around looking all exotic and mystic'y.

So then there's 'Lost'. Loved Hutch, Action Hutch, Wordly, conflicted, Tough Guy Hutch, and Starsky did befuddle him nicely, sweetly by refusing to be afraid of him or fight with him...but Starsky was innocent bordering on ignorant, and definitely much more religious than I ever caught any inkling of in his character...

(Oh! Little light going on! Ok, this may be what you were asking about above when I didn't understand the question about how the AU universe affects character.)

...The upbringing and background Bright supplied for her Starsky were sufficient to explain how he may have grown up with such a sheltered, even naive view of the world, might have made him so innocent, but this would mean that the AU has CHANGED the character's...um, character. Know what I mean?

Hm. Interesting point there for AU writers. AU's give you complete freedom for surroundings, but the backgrounds provided for each of the boys must allow for them to become the men we recognize as Starsky and Hutch lest we lose our central characters. Verrrry Interesting. [11]


...the author writes beautifully, but the author's clear preference in topping/bottoming threw me off. I've got all the pieces of an AU story that was serialized in The Fix zines that she wrote, but have yet to read it. From what I've heard, it's more of the same. Hutch is the wonderful catch that Starsky doesn't really deserve, so he's happy to be bottom boy to make his master happy and to deserve the love he's bestowed. I just haven't had the urge to pull any of it out and read it.

"Obvious favorite" stories just don't work for me, and they work even less when the favorite is given 'top spot' in sex, so to speak, because of power issues.[12]

I was just reminded of a wonderful series by Lynna Bright that I loved, "Lost", which is gorgeous in my opinion. [13]


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