Lockwood & Co

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Name: Lockwood & Co
Creator: Jonathan Stroud
Date(s): 2013-2016
Medium: book series
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
External Links: Wikipedia, official website
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Lockwood & Co is a young adult fantasy book series written by Jonathan Stroud, author most famous for writing The Bartimaeus Trilogy.


In Lockwood & Co, readers are introduced into a AU where after an outbreak of ghosts in London, the government utilizes children's predisposition to sensing paranormal and employs them as ghost hunters. Lucy Carlyle, a young teen fresh from training to be a paranormal agent, quits her old job after a falling out with her lazy and inept adult boss and joins Lockwood & Co. Lockwood & Co is a small unsuccessful business run solely by Anthony Lockwood, a handsome teenage boy with a sparkling personality and even more sparkly teeth, and grumpy and irritable George Cubbins, a short and fat boy who is more inclined to laze about and stuff his face than face any ghosts. Readers explore yet another amazing and fantastic world created by Stroud and follow Lucy's adventures with Lockwood & Co as she tackles difficult paranormal cases, explore her teammate's mysterious past, and discover some secrets about herself too.




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