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Fan Comic
Title: Linked Universe
Artist: jojo56830
Date(s): 2018 - present
First Published: February 2018
Medium: Digital
Genre/Style: Action/Adventure
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda
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Linked Universe is a popular The Legend of Zelda fancomic by jojo56830. It is an Alternate Universe comic where various incarnations of Link from the many games in the Legend of Zelda series must band together in order to fight a growing evil.

Author's summary:

Unbeknownst to the 9 heroes of Hyrule’s history, Dark Link is causing trouble which results in their meeting. This new crisis has allowed them to cross time and place by means of mysterious gates. But this trouble needs to be stopped before it gets dangerous. What does Dark Link want? How will the Heros stop him? How will they even get along with each other with surprisingly diverse personalities?[1]


The Linked Universe fandom is mainly on Tumblr and Instagram, the two sites on which the comic is posted. There is also a large Discord server. The fandom often focuses on the found family dynamic between the main nine Links, affectionately referred to as "The Chain".

Example Fanworks

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